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Big Red Cobcast: Hoosier Daddy?

We talk Indiana and bye weeks.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Northwestern
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m gonna be honest, bye weeks make me sad. They also bore me a little. As much as I like watching college football, I like it less when it’s not Nebraska. As fun as it is to watch Texas lose or cheer against Iowa - I’d rather watch the Huskers wash a car or paint a fence. I’d rather watch the Huskers do nothing than watch any other team do anything.

I guess my point is that last week was the worst week of my life.

I can’t handle a Saturday without Nebraska football. I only get a dozen or so days a year anyways. I think that instead of having bye weeks off maybe the Huskers should a Royal Rumble style brawl with whatever teams have a bye. Each team pick 3-5 representatives and the half to throw each out of something. It could be a wrestling ring but I’m also not against, like, the back of a pick up. Whatever. Anything to watch Nate Gerry choke slam someone.

If someone could run this up the flag pole over at the NCAA headquarters that would be grrrreat.

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