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Mike Riley News Conference (10/10/16): Carter, Ozigbo & Westerkamp Doubtful for Indiana

Tommy Armstrong is back, though, and ready to prove he’s a tough SOB. Plus, an afternoon kickoff for the Huskers game against Purdue.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s Nebraska football depth chart, Jordan Westerkamp and Cethan Carter are listed as injured. At his weekly news conference, Mike Riley went on to add that I-Back Devine Ozigbo is joining Westerkamp and Carter as being doubtful for this weekend’s game at Indiana. Tommy Armstrong is out of his walking boot and practices on Sunday.

Riley went on to lament the Huskers’ slow starts this season offensively:

Ozigbo’s injury should give freshman Tre Bryant an opportunity to get back on the field.

So about the Huskers being ranked in the Top Ten....

Which is important, because Wyoming is still the only team Nebraska has played with a winning record. Nebraska still has a lot of things to prove, and there are still seven games left to play.

Oh joy.

Tommy Armstrong then talked about his injury and how his roommate was doing.

Sounds like Westerkamp may be out for a little while longer...

All hail the SOB...if only so that we can keep the redshirt on POB!

And finally, ABC and ESPN also announced a 2:30 kickoff for Purdue’s visit to Lincoln on October 22nd.