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Big Red Cobcast: Undefeated in '16

In this week's episode Mike and Ryan talk about the season that could have been and the season that might be.

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Everybody has gone over this last season ad nauseam. What if BYU misses the Hail Mary or Wisconsin's kicker, The Plantain of the Plains, misses that field goal? What if Alex Lewis keeps his cool or Tommy plays against Purdue?

2015 will go down in the books as a horribly disappointing season. This year's team had the same problem as the British Redcoats did in the late 1700's - they just couldn't finish. They didn't win when it mattered.

That's a bad analogy but I didn't get to analogy school. I went to Wayne State College. Talk to them about it.

I, however, will always remember it as the season that might have been. The season with more hope than any season in a long time. Going into the off season, I somehow feel good about where we are. We beat MSU, we beat Iowa on paper and we beat UCLA in the bowl game. I guarantee a victory into the Spring game and then we're off and running in September.

What have we learned this year? I think the most valuable lesson to take away is that football is hard. Real hard. Like, planning to ransack the original 13 colonies and not being able to and then they dump your tea out -  hard. Like, bringing just a ship or two of soldiers to fight 13 separate colonies because you forgot that they're America - hard. Like, screaming "BUT IM THE KING OF ENGLAND" and no one gives two shits - hard

Again, I'm not good at analogies.

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