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Twitter Recap: An Ode to Faux Pelini


Since this is the 100th Twitter Recap, it wouldn’t be complete without an ode to our favorite parody account Faux Pelini (composed by our Corn Nation poet Jill aka ranchbabe) along with some of his best tweets from 2015.


It started funny enough
But without much fanfare
And then the real Bo
One small tweet did share

Custody of a fuzzy cat
Seemed a strange argument
For a football coach
And fake twitter account

But a funny thing happened
That night of playoff football

A legend was born
In social media folds
Tweeting presidents, popes
Also punters, and bowls

Helping us find cheer
Through a bad chapter
Even unemployment
Could not dull the laughter

We enjoy the intelligent jabs
And the poignant self looks

A fan base that takes
Itself very seriously
Hip hop hogwash
And "sit down please!"

All seem to find smiles
In Faux’s quick hits
Laughter is good for the soul
Even when short on wins

So thank you Faux Pelini
For providing us with laughs

The search for Carl
Should not end on the spot
Nor the obvious questions
So many wish they thought

Keep bringing perspective
And this humor stream
The Big Red needs you
As part of the team

And now back to your regular scheduled programming.

And now let’s continue with your regularly scheduled Twitter Recap.

That’s a good way to spend the holiday break in KC.

I wonder what else the cat has been eating.

Speaking of butter…

Happy New Year!

Faux Pelini and the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl were planning an interesting pre-game ritual.

Here are a couple good quotes from Phil Beckner about being patient.

Great places to kick in the New Year!

Can he can do it all?

Do you do this with your kids or significant other?

Nothing beats traveling with the team.

Let’s go for another one.

What was your first car?

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Monday morning and 2015 a bit better. If you missed it, here is last week’s Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!