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Corn Flakes: Starbucks Makes Crappy Expensive Coffee

People really wait in line for Starbucks? WTF? That and news!

Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

I pass by a Starbucks every time I go to a particular customer site and every time I pass by that Starbucks in the morning there and is a long line of cars waiting in the drive through.

I wonder who these people are who. They must be good Americans; so willing to overspend on acidic cups of muddy crap water just to keep the economy floating at a brisk 1.5% growth every year. I feel sorry for them. I know that if they're overspending on that shit that they're probably pretty easy targets for overspending on everything else in their lives.

It's no coincidence that most of the cars in the drive through are higher end vehicles, but I feel good about that. The more higher end vehicles on the road, the easier it is for me to merge when I drive straight at with my beat-up but paid for 2003 Saturn Vue. They're always eager to move out of my way, always.

Perhaps they're adding an overpriced muffin to their morning meal. It's a good idea. Better have something that will cushion your stomach against the pre-prepared bile you're ingesting.

BTW, if you're wondering, here's the nutritional facts about the Starbucks Blueberry Muffin:


In 1988, blueberry became the official Minnesota state muffin, thanks to a bill proposed by local third graders who wanted to honor the region’s wheat farmers and rampant wild blueberries.

There's a state muffin? No wonder the whole country is overweight!

I wonder what other official food products there might be. That could be the subject of another Flakes!

And that's the start of your Friday morning!

(Maybe I should just go back to bed.)

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