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SDR: Jim Harbaugh Is Mad At Mike Riley, Chase Allen Decision Soon, Noah Fant Talk

The Huskers are working to get a visit from a Offensive Lineman, and their TE target will make a decision soon. And, yes, talk on the Huskers and their relationship with Noah Fant.

Alaric Jackson
Alaric Jackson
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- It sounds like TE prospect Chase Allen will be deciding between the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Michigan and Iowa State sometime in the next couple of days.

Allen hosted Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh last night in-home, and from the sounds of it, Harbaugh wasn't too happy with things said by Nebraska HC Mike Riley:

Allen had an official visit to Nebraska over the weekend, as well as Iowa State. Before taking his visits, it was reported by Scout's Brice Marich that Allen had named Michigan his leader.

As of Tuesday night, Allen told MnB that he is completely split between three, likely being Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa State. Harbaugh wasn't too fond of what the Huskers had to say to him.

"He just talked about how tight ends are (actually) used in (Nebraska's) offense," he said. "He wanted to hear all about what Nebraska told me."

If you watched Nebraska the last half of the season, you would realize that a somewhat healthy Cethan Carter become one of Nebraska's better targets, both in the running game and passing attack. Not only that, Riley's history with TE's from his time at Oregon State would help the cause of Nebraska here.

In an interview done by Sam McKewon of the Omaha WH today, Omaha TE/DE target Noah Fant is hoping that Nebraska reaches out to him and "gives him some love" before National Signing Day. Fant, who is a soft Iowa verbal and visiting Minnesota this weekend, still wants the Huskers to talk to him to maybe mend a fence that Fant & his advisors say is broken between he & Nebraska.

Head coach Mike Riley personally took over Fant’s recruiting awhile ago, Fant said, which has helped the Huskers’ relationship with the family. Fant said NU’s recruitment has gone through "ups and downs" dating back to the former coaching staff led by Bo Pelini. Fant’s father, Willie, agreed that the previous staff has had some lingering effect on the process.

"The Riley staff is definitely a lot more personable," Willie Fant said.

Now, pardon me for a moment here, as I'm having a hard time with the whole premise of what Fant has said in the article. Fant has had the attention of Nebraska this whole time he's been recruited, way before he committed to Iowa on the radio back in August. The problem is, Nebraska at that time wanted him as a Defensive End, not at Tight End, what he wanted to play. But now, since Nebraska changed their mind and would accept him at TE, he's got to "get more love" and such?

Fant stated that his unofficial he took for the Wisconsin game went well to 247, but now isn't good enough? Plus, back near Halloween, Nebraska was "giving him love" as far as TE recruiting. But, now that Chase Allen (who is ranked around the same as Fant) may be a Husker, the noise all of a sudden gets louder? Does anyone notice that too, or is it just me?

If Fant had any other residence than Omaha, most folks would want him to go away and have the staff forget about him. But, since he's the #1 kid in the state, should Nebraska bend over backwards to make him happy? Fant wanted an offer from Notre Dame, and would have probably left both Nebraska & Iowa in their wake to commit to the Irish. Also, the Huskers have been wanting him to take an Official Visit to Lincoln, but going to Minneapolis is alright? How about Iowa in this aspect, who could very well pull his offer if he does go visit the Gophers this weekend?

Nebraska wants Fant's ability as a player, but do you want a kid who seems to want to keep it all about himself and such in a locker room you're trying to win over still? That's the question Mike Riley has to ask, and it wouldn't shock me for Nebraska to declare Fant too much trouble and simply walk away.

- This weekend may not have the big visitor in Michigan OL Alaric Jackson after all.

Jackson told the Iowa Scout site that he's considering cancelling his OV to Nebraska this weekend, as he's down to Iowa and Iowa State, and may eliminate Michigan State and Nebraska.

The biggest news to come out of the two official visits was the fact that there may not be a third.

"Possibly not," Jackson answered if an official visit to Nebraska would still take place this weekend.

The three-star senior also pointed out that a visit to Michigan State would not be happening.

It would be a defeat for sure, but if Nebraska is good with Matt Farniok, then it's alright for Jackson to slip away to Iowa and a trade that I would imagine most people would take. Yes, the Huskers are still going to try to get him to visit, but right now it may be a long shot.