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Flakes: Small Margin for Error

Today's links is stuck in snowy Nebraska instead of the sunny south. We also have a Husker women's hoops game tonight and take you on a tour of Jessica Shepard's growing list of awards. Check out the top 100 college football games of the year and learn what was found when Oregon State broke ground on a stadium expansion.

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I am supposed to be writing this from Atlanta. Sunny, warm Atlanta. However, I am still in Nebraska, looking at snow through my living room window.


I am still here because of a small, but perfectly-timed winter storm. It was not even big enough to call a blizzard, but a little bit of freezing rain followed by just enough snow and high winds to make travel difficult. I had a 3 hour drive to the airport for a 6:30 a.m. flight. Originally, I was going to drive in the middle of the night but the weather reports caused me to rethink that. Instead, I made my attempt the evening before, thinking I could just drive a little slower and find a nearby hotel room to grab a few Z's.

I made it 10 miles before turning around. Fortunately, the meeting organizers set up a web conference for remote participation, so I still will get most of my job done. I just have to be tethered to my computer with a headset most of the day. Don't you wish you were me?

Husker WBB Tonight!

The Husker women take on the Wisconsin Badgers tonight at 7 p.m. at The Vault. I am planning a game thread if anyone wants to hang out and chat tonight. You can get audio at and video if you subscribe to BTNplus.

The Huskers are one of the hottest teams in the Big 10, winning five straight despite having their floor leader limited or out for a significant chunk of those (first for an "internal matter" and then a foot injury). Rachel Theriot is currently projected in tonight's starting lineup, but this might be a game-time decision like it was Sunday against Michigan.

The Badgers are 6-12 and 2-6 in the B1G and have lost 4 straight in the conference. They score an average of 66 points per game while allowing opponents to score 71 ppg. They are the only team in the Big Ten with a negative scoring differential. Nebraska averages 76 points per game and holds opponents to 65. Shepard is coming off the ONLY 30 point/20 rebound performance in Nebraska women's BB history and the reigning awardee for just about every women's hoops accolade out there. Kyndal Clark found her 3-point shot and has made 18 consecutive free throws.

I am going out on a limb and predicting a 73-65 Husker win! Huskers Ready for Big Ten Battle with Badgers - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

On paper, Wisconsin's interior looks like they will have a hard time matching up (height- or production-wise) with Shepard, Havers, and Blackburn. On the perimeter, they have more height than Nebraska (especially if Theriot is out) and I expect their game plan to revolve around chucking up a lot of long range shots and hoping their posts can clean up enough rebounds against a Husker team that is somewhat streaky (to put it kindly) in their rebounding. Given that Nebraska's perimeter defense has gotten gashed at times, it is not unrealistic to think the Wisconsin could pull off the upset.

The Huskers rediscovered their offensive overdrive against Michigan on Sunday, they cannot let up against a young (only one senior) and shorthanded (dressing nine players) Badger team.

More Nebraska News....

Banker says dark day strengthened Huskers
LINCOLN — The formation of chemistry throughout any team can occur in unpredictable ways and take on an almost mystical feel.

Shepard Claims National, Big Ten Honors - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The hardware haul started early for Nebraska freshman Jessica Shepard on Monday.

Natalie Romeo embraces artistic side off the court | Sports |
Before every game, Natalie Romeo fills the pages of her mandala coloring book with the same crayons as routinely as she makes her three point shots. She fills in the

Three former Nebraska Cornhuskers head to Pro Bowl for first time | Huskers - KETV Home
While Baltimore Ravens punter Sam Koch was initially selected, New York Giants kicker Josh Brown and Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David were added in recent weeks.

Huskers' Shepard dominant freshman, and only getting better | The News Tribune
Grandpa told her she needed to do a better job rebounding. Jessica then went out and grabbed 20 boards. Oh, and she scored 35 points. "I talked to him today," she said Tuesday, "and he didn't have any complaints about my rebounding."

Track & Field News - The Bible Of The Sport Since 1948
Nebraska zoomed up from No. 13 to No. 3 with a win in its quadrangular over No. 8 Wichita State, Colorado State and Illinois State.

Countdown to 2016 WNBA Draft - No. 15 Rachel Theriot - TFB
Despite missing over half of her junior season, Nebraska senior guard Rachel Theriot is making an impact during her senior year to make her case for the...

Elsewhere In Sports...

The 11-Year-Old Girl Who Beat Steph Curry Is Absolutely Dominating Her High School Competition
Eleven-year-old Jaden Newman once beat Steph Curry in a shooting contest, and now she's dominating high school competition.

Former NFL safety Sash diagnosed with CTE
Former NFL and Iowa safety Tyler Sash, who died last year at age 27, has been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Chris Nowinski of the Boston University-affiliated Concussion Legacy Foundation confirmed the diagnosis on Tuesday night. Sash, who won a Super Bowl during his rookie season

Dabo Swinney offers scholarship to son of former teammate battling ALS |
The offer came completely out of the blue for Turner, an Alabama native and the son of Kevin Turner, a former teammate of Swinney who is battling ALS.

How each Super Bowl 2016 starter was rated as a high school recruit -
The Panthers are filled with former blue-chippers. The Broncos? Not so much.

The Top 100 College Football Games of 2015
The 2015 season's 100 best college football games, and somehow the Alamo Bowl isn't No. 1!

Cue the jokes about where Mike Riley's pet mammoth is buried. (You know, because our coach is so old that he might have had a pet mammoth...OK, I'll leave the comedy to the professionals on this site).

Mammoth bones found at OSU construction site
Construction workers excavating the site of an expansion project at Oregon State University’s Reser Stadium have unearthed what appear to be animal bones that date back to the Ice Age.

Florida State's Settlement With Jameis Winston's Accuser Makes It Harder For Schools To Dismiss Allegations
Erica Kinsman made it a little harder to dismiss a woman who might say she has been raped, Jane McManus says.

This is not a new article, but I thought it was cool that the Big Ten's self-proclaimed "holder of the year" worked so hard to raise money for hospitalized kids at Christmas.

GOPHERSPORTS.COM Peter Mortell's Very Specialist Christmas Gift :: University of Minnesota Official Athletic Site :: Football
Peter Mortell has raised almost ,000 in just a few days for teens at the U of M Masonic Children's Hospital.

This and That...

Scientists to announce "Doomsday Clock" time
Scientists behind a "Doomsday Clock" that measures the likelihood of a global cataclysm are set to announce Tuesday whether civilization is any closer or farther from disaster. But it's 3:00 PM and Happy Hour in Wisconsin. Those people are smarter than all the rest of us.

Why the calorie is broken | Ars Technica
"I’m kind of pissed at the scientific community for not coming up with something better."