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88% Of Nebraska Football Fans Want More Wins Next Season

David McGee

A informal survey taken by CornNation of Nebraska fans has discovered that 88% of Nebraska fans want more wins next season.

The survey was conducted by an informal walk by and questioning of 854 people in downtown Lincoln area in the Haymarket area last Friday night between 7:00 pm and 1:00 am.

Those 854 people were asked the following questions:

"Do you identify yourself as a fan of the Nebraska Huskers football team?"

If the surveyee answered "Yes", then they were asked the following:

"Would you like to see the Nebraska football team win more games than they did this past season?"

751 surveyees responded in an affirmative manner.
28 gave no response, but attempted to punch our surveyor in the face.
11 made no attempt at violence, but stated out loud, "I'd really like to punch you in the face."
64 answered in the negative.
When these 64 were asked why they responded in the negative, the most common answer was that they felt Mike Riley was the wrong hire for Nebraska and would rather the Huskers lost all their games next season so that he would be fired and they could tell all their friends they were right in the first place.


88% of Nebraska fans want more wins next season.
8% of Nebraska fans are sad, sad human beings.
4% have convinced us we need a different surveyor.