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Corn Flakes: Broncos-Panthers Super Bowl, Stanford's Band, Lawrence Phillips

Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will be in the Super Bowl.


As exciting as yesterday's Broncos - Patriots game was, I stopped watching Carolina destroy Arizona in the middle of the third quarter.

If you're taking the approach that the Patriots might have fun if they'd gone for field goals you're taking the wrong approach. Had the Patriots gotten field goals to decrease Denver's lead, the Broncos would have gotten more aggressive in their attempts to get first downs and not allow the Patriots to have the ball back. Or so one would think. The NFL is full of conservative thinking to the point of banality, but one would think they'd be able to take more than 9 seconds off the clock during a drive.

Did Broncos get away with pass interference on Gronkowski? -

With 2:30 to go in Sunday's AFC Championship Game and trailing 20-12, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady lobbed a pass into the end zone intended for tight end Rob Gronkowski.

NFL receivers whine more than basketball players. A tug, a slight push, and they're up like gesturing like someone has committed murder. It's in the name of generating more offense, of course, because there aren't that many good NFL quarterbacks and as previously mentioned, the playcalling is so conservative that it's predictable and boring.

(Wow, what a bitchy Monday morning, huh?)

Iowa fans got so mad about Stanford's band, they emailed to say it should be shut down -

The Cardinal's band finds a way to offend somebody pretty much every year, but Hawkeyes fans might have set a new record. Here are the emails to school officials.

Stanford's band irritated some Iowa fans so much they emailed their school president to demand something be done about it.

It's kind of funny, but I don't find any of the emails that egregious. It's not like anyone is calling for them all to be burned alive, which, if I were made enough to email the administration at Nebraska is a suggestion I would use, and then, of course, talk to law enforcement about it later.

I recall seeing a post on Facebook from Brian Britt, Director of the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band about the Stanford Band. Here's a bit of what he had to say about them:

Later in the performance, the Stanford group played a rendition of "Beginnings" by Chicago, which includes a four-measure vamp and drum fill. When they got to this vamp portion they kept repeating it over and over while running through our band. Additionally, about 20 of the students encircled me and the drum major Jason Marshall and blasted us with as much volume as they could muster.

We didn't react at all. At. All. Instead, we just stared at them, expressionless. Their own expressions of disbelief were hilarious. After over five minutes of this ear-shattering, soul-crushing nonsense, a Stanford student holding a trumpet said "F#%€ this man, they're not going to react!" Sure enough, the tune ended and they left our area. Final score: Sooners-1, Stanford-0.

My feelings about the Stanford band run back and forth. I think they're a tired, worn-out concept, but honestly, most of the pranks I pulled in college have probably been pulled by many many others in the same fashion.

Mostly, I don't care all that much about the Stanford band because I typically do not watch nor care about halftime shows.

Much will be said about the upcoming super bowl halftime show that I'm not going to watch either. Perhaps I will feel left out this time, and watch.


Saying Goodbye to Lawrence Phillips | Big Red Fury

The service was a two hour celebration and remembrance of the life that Lawrence lived as wide range of speakers took to the lectern to share their favorite memories. He packed a lot into his 40 years.

Then There's This: