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Nebraska Football: Oklahoma OLB/DE Pernell Jefferson Commits To The Huskers

Trent Bray goes into NOLA and gets a kid originally committed to Oklahoma to become a member of the Big Red.

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers are working towards finishing out their 2016 recruiting cycle, and a late target has decided to pull the trigger and join the team.

Pernell Jefferson, an Outside Linebacker/Defensive End hybrid out of Warren Easton High School in New Orleans committed to the Huskers today.

Jefferson was a Oklahoma commit back on August 10th, however it sounds like he & the Sooners staff had a agreement to look around and such, and the Huskers are the benefactors of that agreement.

Aside from Oklahoma, Jefferson had interest from Indiana, Arizona State, Missouri, Miami and TCU among other schools.

With the way that Nebraska is looking for outside edge rushers like Freedom Akinmoladun, Marcus Newby and Greg McMullen, Jefferson can come in and either join the group or go out on the edge and help with being more of a spy type of player. Which is helpful when it comes to playing guys like J.T. Barrett or such.

This makes 17 verbals for the Huskers, who have space for just a few more players. Who will they be? We have given you a good hunch, but there's a lot of time between now and National Signing Day.

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