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Corn Flakes: 2031 And You Still Haven't Made It To Mars

No football games here yet? YOU'RE NOT AS SMART AS YOU THINK YOU ARE
No football games here yet? YOU'RE NOT AS SMART AS YOU THINK YOU ARE
Photo by ESA via Getty Images

Holy smoley, what a difference a week makes. The Nebraska men's basketball team picked up a big win on the road last night against Michigan State, their third conference win in a row. It was the first time they'd won three straight conference road games since 1998. They also snapped a 10-game losing streak to ranked teams.

The win moved Nebraska's hoopty shooters to 12-8 overall, 4-3 in conference, and 7th place in the Big Ten. Next game up is Michigan at PBA in Lincoln on Saturday.

Nebraska seems to own Michigan State right now. I believe the last loss any Husker team suffered to Sparty was last year's baseball team in the Big Ten tournament.

Check this out. Kinda creepy, huh?

The obvious question is - how far can this team go? Can they sustain success and make the NIT? Or the NCAA tournament? It's nice to think about but I'm not ready to glob those expectations on them. All I know is that we now have a men's basketball team that is fun to watch. There are multiple players who can score! Really!

The Nebraska women's basketball team won a one-point game over Purdue 62-61. That gave the Boilers only their second conference loss, and puts the Huskers in 5th place in the Big Ten. The women have run off four straight after getting annihilated at Maryland. This just after I pushed internal discussions here at CN about whether it was time for Connie Yori to go.

Yesterday the athletic department announced new series with Oklahoma and Arizona. I would bet that I am less excited about Oklahoma that most of you. That rivalry is in the past; Oklahoma made their choice and it was Texas, not Nebraska. If you want to be excited about it, be excited about the fact that we're playing a quality opponent (or it looks that way right now, who knows what either program will look like in 2031).

I would also bet there's more than a 50/50 chance I'm not going to be around for those games, but if I am, I'll probably have grandchildren for whom I'll have to explain "The Game of The Century" as we watch Johnny Rodgers return that punt for the 345,312th time. They'll probably mention how it looks like it was "a thousand years ago", which will prompt the following by me:

"A thousand years ago? A thousand? Things were more advanced than you give us credit for. We didn't have driverless cars or brain transplants, but we were on the moon.

That's right you little bastards. We put men on the moon. Did it with a slide rule.

You put any men on the moon? No. And you still haven't made it to Mars. And we still don't have flying cars, do we? You damned kids aren't as smart as you think you are."

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