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Nebraska Football: Huskers Schedule Oklahoma & Arizona From 2028-2031

You have a little bit of time to plan for these. Just a little bit.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

What are you doing a decade from now? Maybe a little later than that?  If you're not doing much, start planning some Football tailgates.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers announced today that they have solidified dates with both the Oklahoma Sooners and Arizona Wildcats for home and home sets in the not terribly decent future.

The Huskers and Sooners, former Big Eight/Big 12 counterparts, will be having a home and home series. The '29 game will be in Lincoln, while the Sooners will host the '30 tilt. Nebraska and Oklahoma already have a much sooner home and home scheduled in 2021 and 2022.

Nebraska will be having a home and home with the Wildcats in the years 2028 and 2031. The '28 tilt will be in Lincoln while the '31 tilt will be in Tucson, Arizona.

Tickets for said games will be sold at a later date. A much later date.