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Big Red Cobcast: Jim Connor (AKA Larry Culpepper, The Dr.Pepper Guy)

Pat and Ryan interview Omaha native, Jim Connor (Otherwise known as the Dr. Pepper guy)! He's hilarious and about to be a household name, so hear him here first and then tell all your friends how you liked him before it was cool!

Rick Scuteri/Getty Images

Nebraska is known mainly for its football team and cynically kind fan base. BUT what people don't realize sometimes is how the best everything actually comes from Nebraska.

Here's a short list to prove my point:

Best President = Gerald Ford

Best Rich Guy = Warren Buffet

Best Actor =  Marlon Brando

Best Late Night Host = Dick Cavett JUST KIDDING Johnny Carson

Best Redneck spokesperson = Larry the Cable Guy

Best Comedian = Ryan Tweedy and the Cobcasters

I could go on and on but I won't. You get my point. Nebraska is the best at everything. Shit man, we even have the best zoo. THERE ARE NO ANIMALS IN NEBRASKA THAT AREN'T DEER, COWS OR QUAIL!!! We should not have the best zoo.

Which brings me to my point.  Jim Connor. He's a funny dude and an award winning actor (I don't know if that's true but he seems like he's won awards). We spoke to him about growing up in Omaha, what makes Nebraskans so good at everything. We touched on LP. We were all over the map and he kept right up with us. Which is impressive because our brains are so smart and fast. Jim has two TV shows coming out soon as well as being Larry Culpepper in all those hilarious Dr. Pepper ads.

So listen to the episode, drink a Dr. Pepper and punch the first guy you see that's drinking anything else. Do it for Jim, do it for the Cobcast and do it for Nebraska.

Thank you.

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