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Our Own Pat Janssen Needs Corn Nation's Help to Be #PatTheRam

We helped get Pat noticed by the Nebraska athletic department when the Husker PA job was open. Now, a new opportunity has landed in his backyard and he needs our help to get the LA Rams to notice.

He's baaaack! Remember #Pat4Nebraska? He got noticed by the Nebraska athletic department but there was something about needing your PA guy to fly half way across the country to report for work that made them nervous. Well now, the St. Louis Rams have decided to become the LA Rams and guess who lives in LA? Yep - #PatTheRam!

Why should the Rams consider Pat for their PA job?

Janssen has several years of PA and broadcasting work. He has experience at universities, having worked for Wayne State College from 2005-07, and Virginia Commonwealth University, 2007-08.

He worked with the Winston-Salem Warthogs minor league baseball team in 2007, and with the Patriot League from 2008-2011.

Pat currently does stand up comedy, sketch and improv in Los Angeles, having regularly performed at the world famous Comedy Store, iO West and Upright Citizens Brigade. He previously started the campaign for the Nebraska PA position via social media, getting attention, both national and local, from his Twitter and Facebook pleas.

Now he is trying the same tack with a more local squad, the new Los Angeles Rams.

"The whole Nebraska thing initially started as a comedic bit, but then I started to realize that I really want to do it," Janssen said. "It's something I'm really good at. It took a day for it to hit me that I could do the same thing with the Rams that I did with the Huskers."

"When I was at VCU, the baseball staff convinced Towson's head coach that I was the voice of the Washington Redskins, so I've passed for an NFL PA announcer before."

Fans can voice their support for Pat by tweeting "Hey, @RamsNFL, I want @thepatjanssen to be the new PA voice of the ‪#‎LARams‬! ‪#‎PatTheRam‬"

Pat also previously tried (unsuccessfully) to land the Chicago Cubs PA role via the internet five years ago.

"Nebraska actually reached out when I tried this in the summer," Janssen said. "I don't know for sure how serious they were, but the social media campaign at least caught their attention. They had two major concerns when they spoke with me. One was that I was not a local candidate, and the other was that I was potentially pulling some elaborate prank on them. I wasn't pranking them, and I'm not pranking the Rams. I'm a comedian, sure, but this is actually something I'm genuinely good at doing. And I actually live in LA. So let's make this happen!"

Janssen is a native Nebraskan, hailing from Auburn, Nebraska, but he currently resides in Los Angeles, where he is a comedian, writer and actor. He also co-hosts the Big Red Cobcast, which is released weekly on Corn Nation.