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Nebraska Football: The Recruiting Big Board With Three Weeks To National Signing Day

Where do the Huskers stand, and what names to watch as the final 21 days of the 2016 Cycle start? Here you go.

David McGee

Today marks the final 21 day push to National Signing Day for the 2016 cycle. For both those that love and loathe recruiting, it's a final push to either care or DGAF about everything.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have a few spots to fill up before they sign off for the cycle, and it's time to really talk about the odds and who is up top on that Big Board.

247 Rankings: 34th Nationally, 7th Big Ten Conference.

Spots used: 15
Spots available: 10-12

Early enrollees: Patrick O'Brien and Derrion Grim

Commit most likely to decommitQuayson Alexander - Alexander has been fairly radio silent with most recruiting writers. However, he's looking back around his home with an Indiana visit this coming weekend, while going to to the school nearest him in Rutgers next weekend. It could possibly be that Alexander wants to use all his visits, as he's gone to Nebraska, Pitt and Michigan to finish out his 5 OV's. But the silence isn't helping the Huskers who need Linebackers. This is not a declaration of Alexander will leave Nebraska's reach, but do not be surprised if that happens.

Targets: These are the guys that both have Nebraska in their final schools & Nebraska would take commitments from.

Desmond Fitzpatrick - WR. It's between Nebraska and Mississippi State for Fitz, as his former recruiter from Louisville is now at MSU. Cards are still "in it" for him but I can't see him going back there after being deco'ed that long. Sounds like he won't be making his visit to MSU due to illness now.

Isaiah Simmons - WR. Nebraska and Louisville gets visits before he commits.

Tony Poljan - TE.  Fighting Central Michigan (who would let him play QB) and Michigan State for Tony. Really unknown, may not have room at MSU for him.

Chase Allen - TE. Nebraska offered the day after New Years, trying hard to get a visit from him.

Noah Fant- TE. Really interesting times. Doesn't want to seem to go to Iowa & Iowa isn't keen on letting kids take OV's after committing, but both have stayed together. Nebraska still wants him bad, but totally unsure where he ends up.

Matt Farniok - OL. Will be taking visits to Iowa & Michigan State, then deciding on his school before NSD. He's easily the biggest target for Nebraska & he has visited the Huskers on his own dime enough to make you think there's no one else he'll commit to other than Nebraska.

Royce Newman - OL. A Missouri commit, but probably flipping. Ole Miss leads here if he does flip, but Nebraska trying to get into the game with a visit.

Alaric Jackson - OL: Nebraska has been on this kid for a while, and he's finally visiting January 29th. Many thought he'd be a Spartan by now, but I still don't think MSU has room for him.

Tramal Ivy - JUCO DE. Should be committing to Nebraska when he visits next weekend.

Collin Miller- DE/OLB. He's taking all his visits, with Nebraska being the last one. Same HS as Randy Gregory & the former Husker is helping with the cause. Nebraska came late to this party, have to beat Indiana here. Matter of factly, he says he just got his offer today.

Cameron Goode - LB. A Cal verbal, the Huskers offered him in the middle of November. He must like the school as he took a visit back in December.

Lamar Jackson- Ath/S. Nebraska & Brian Stewart are still plugging away at Jackson, who has to consider the hire of Clancy Pendergast as USC Defensive Coordinator now. I'm not sold he's a Husker, honestly. But things have come out of nowhere before.

Tony Butler - CB. It's between Nebraska and Arizona State (as you're not sick of hearing that). Butler is visiting Arizona State this weekend & announcing on January 20th in a video production. Nebraska is the fave here, but with the Sun Devils, we all know that means squat till the hat is pulled.


- Nebraska has suddenly fallen out of the race with Chicago DT Amir Watts, who will not be visiting Lincoln. Instead, he'll be seeing Pitt, Iowa State and Indiana with his final 3 visits. He really gave no reason in his flip, so Nebraska must have cooled off in some way.