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College Football National Championship Predictions: Alabama or Clemson?

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Mike:  One final pick...for all the Tostitos!

Jill: Mmmmm. Tostitos.

Patrick G: Battletoads!


National Championship
Alabama (-7) vs. Clemson at Phoenix

Jill: I am already tired of the renewed SEC love on ESPN. I really want Clemson to win, but I am not sure they can score enough points against this Bama defense to hang with the Heisman winner. Of course, Deshaun Watson is pretty amazing in his own right. Oh hell, I can't do it. I won't do it. I refuse to pick the Crimson Tide. Clemson 24 Bama 21

Patrick G: Great offense in Clemson vs. great defense in Alabama. Of course it's deeper than that as we saw Clemson beat up on Oklahoma, but you get my point. I think Clemson will score early and will keep a decent lead for awhile. Then, Saban will go full Saban and score big time. And big time as in win by two touchdowns. See you next year folks! Alabama 24 Clemson 14

Jon J: These are two of my favorite teams of all time and I can't wait to see them battle it out on the field. The halftime entertainment - the contest to see who can shoot the fuck out of a "washer in front lawn" the quickest with the least amount of ammunition - should be one of the best halftime shows in the history of college football.

As far as who's going to win? It's near impossible to go against Nick Saban and Alabama, especially when you stack them up against a team that has its own nickname for screwing up badly when they're not expected to do so. Just when they're about to reach greatness, Clemson becomes the Minnesota Vikings of college football.

Still, I'm a lousy gambler. Clemson 38, Alabama 31

Mike: For some reason, I have this nagging feeling that Clemson is going to win, even though Saban has shown no mercy in demolishing his opponents this season.  Alabama got served a big serving of humble pie the last two years, and won't let it happen again this year.  May God have mercy on Dabo's soul, as Saban is out for blood.  Bama 38, Clempson 24

Ty: I want SO BADLY for Clemson to pull this off. Like, I really do. I'm trying to figure out how it happens. The only way I see it is if Henry or Coker gets hurt. However, I'm not even sure that's enough for Bama to stumble in this game that seems almost like a redemption game for Bama. However, it's important to note that CLEMSON HASN'T LOST YET THIS YEAR! I'm gonna hope my hot streak from calling the volleyball Final Four continues. Clemson 35, Bama 27 he predicts hesitantly.

Brian: ALRIGHT I'M LATE OKAY? I think this is Clemson's time. They have the better Offense, and they have been through so much shit the past few years with Dabo and their fanbase that they are not going to get phased if Bama comes out early and takes a lead. Watson is the QB that Saban has trouble with, and even though I think Alabama doesn't lose these games, it's simply Clemson's time. 34-20 #BRINGYOUROWNGUTS

So your prediction is???  Tell us below!