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2016 Husker Football Spring Previews

Everything you want to know about 2016 Nebraska football!!!

Spring Game: For What Will We Cheer?

This is our ninth annual poll of asking Husker fans what they're most interested in seeing at the Nebraska spring game.

Who Needs To Finish Spring Football Strong?

Mike Riley needs a better year to stick around for a third campaign in Lincoln. Who has to step up this Spring to help make that happen in '16?

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Special Teams

The Huskers were fairly alright on Special Teams last season. But, with a healthy DPE and kickers coming back, how much better will they get?

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska Football: Quarterbacks Going Wireless For Spring Football

Similar to the NFL technology, looks like the Huskers are trying it out.

2016 Spring Football: Defensive Backs

Houston, Lincoln, wherever - we had a serious problem here in 2015. Can it be fixed?

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Linebacker

This group was the best of the bunch on defense this past season. Is there room for improvement?

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Defensive Line

A new coach & youth will come into the front 4 this year.

Nebraska Football Defensive Spring Preview 2016

Equal parts review and preview, we revisit the 2015 Blackshirts and wonder what clues that gives us for the 2016 version.

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Offensive Line

Inconsistency would be the single word that describes the offensive line over the past few years. Will that be the one that sticks with it in 2016?

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Receivers

Nebraska has never had this good a group of receivers. Is it really any wonder offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf wants to throw the ball?

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Tight Ends

What will Nebraska's tight ends look like in 2016? (Hint: Cethan Carter!)

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Fullbacks

Our look ahead is really just a look back... at Andy Janovich.

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Running Backs

What's in store for Nebraska running backs in 2016? Probably more of the same.

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Quarterbacks

Are we really ready to believe that newcomer Patrick O'Brien will compete with Tommy Armstrong for the Nebraska starting quarterback position?

2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Offensive Overview

Spring football!!!!