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CornNation Week 1 Power Poll

CN's 1 to 14 ranking of the hot mess we call the Big Ten.

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The balloting after the first week of the season is done, and the Corn Nation staff has spoken.

tOSU is the unquestioned king of the hill in the B1G, with Michigan State the consensus bridesmaid.

After that, there's little difference between Minnesota and Wisconsin for 3 and 4, and little difference between Nebraska and Northwestern (despite its sole first place vote) for 5 and 6.  Iowa and Maryland are together at 7 and 8, with Michigan, Illinois, and Rutgers grouped at 9, 10, and 11.  Finally, there is little disagreement that Penn State, Indiana, and Purdue are at the bottom of the conference.

2015 Corn Nation Big Ten Power Poll Comments


Ranchbabe: Easiest #1 vote ever. For the next spot, I wanted to penalize Michigan State for not whooping on a MAC opponent, but anyone else that deserved to possibly go to #2 lost (and no, Nebraska was not in that group). Wisconsin and Minnesota both got outgunned but Minny looked a little more together, so I gave the Gophers #3 and Wiscy #4. Northwestern beat a Power 5 opponent so that puts them over the Huskers for now. Then Nebraska at #6. After that is a bunch of teams I wanted to all rank at 14. Even though Iowa won convincingly, they are still Iowa and for that reason alone deserve to be #14 forever. 8-14 is really a big crap shoot of suckatude wrapped in a turd ball dipped in whatever the hell Christian Hackenberg fanboys are drinking.

Pat Janssen: Ugh. I’m already tired of my one friend who’s an Ohio State fan. And I’m not sure it’s going to get better any time soon. Other than the Bucks, the team that impressed me the most was Minnesota. Against a team many believe will win the national championship, the Gophers physically manhandled TCU. And Minny was basically playing with one arm tied behind its back because Mitch Leidner was so bad. So, so bad. Michigan State looked solid, but not great, on the road against an up-and-coming Western Michigan squad. I’ve got to give credit to Northwestern for winning. Nebraska and Michigan don’t get punished too badly for their losses because by the time it’s all said and done, I think their opponents will look pretty damn good (and I think Nebraska and Michigan will look much better). As for the rest? Sorry, Indiana, your whole state of football is disgusting and repulsive, and it really bums me out to look at it.

Greg: I really wanted Indiana to shine. In fact, if that game was part of a home-and-home with SIU-Carbondale, I might make the hour trip to see it next year. There is a fantastic BBQ joint on the way. Ohio State took care of business. Few other teams did with clarity or conviction. I put Minnesota ahead of Wisconsin because I thought they played well against better competition. But right now, we have one or two teams at the top, Indiana and Purdon’t at the bottom, and ten or eleven teams in the middle fighting for some sunshine.

Anything you disagree with here?