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Corn Flakes: How Will Nebraska Fix The Run Game?

Nebraska tallied a massive 126 yards rushing on 37 carries for a 3.41 yard per carry average against BYU.

That sucks.

In Nebraska football terms, it's if they didn't even try.

Those stats left them 96th nationally in per carry average, and 95th nationally in rushing yardage.

If you watched the offensive line a lot, you saw a group of guys that was very slow in coming off the ball. Chongo Kondolo got beat on a couple plays where a defender simply ran around him while he stood still.

There might be much bemoaning about how we don't have an Ameer Abdullah this season, but you cannot depend upon a NFL-caliber back to save your offensive line's ass every season.

Mike Riley has made it a point so say that the "runs with the tailback" need to be fixed this week. I don't know how he's going to fix an offensive line that's slow, weak, and prone to as many penalties as this one is.

We saw them run a little bit of option/read with Tommy Armstrong. It would behoove Riley/Langsdorf to look into that as a play they use more often. If they can't block the other team's strongest defensive players, then at least they could option/read them.

In the good news category, we're 28th nationally in total yardage passing, and 52nd in yards per attempt passing.


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If we're still making a list three weeks from now....

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I thought Northwestern played very well. They were sluggish somewhat, but Stanford looked like... well, like Nebraska - standing around a lot on offense.

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This should be a very interesting game.

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I have no idea why I clipped this.