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Mike Riley Press Conference Recap (9/7/2015): Jack Gangwish Out 3 Weeks, One Remains Suspended

There is no such thing as a holiday around Nebraska football, as Mike Riley found out when he found the usual cast of suspects at his weekly press conference on Labor Day.

Riley opened by discussing Saturday's loss to BYU.

I think they realized that at halftime; I wonder if the game got away from the coaches in the second quarter when things went south. By that, I wonder if they didn't go to things they were more comfortable calling instead of things they thought the team could succeed with. This is a learning curve for both players and coaches.

One hopes. It's worth noting that Oregon State also struggled with penalties the last two seasons, so this might be something we need to get used to.

Gangwish was hurt earlier in the game, but reinjured himself on the final play of the game. So yeah, that Hail Mary was a double punch-in-the-gut.

I liked what I saw about Akinmoladun on Saturday; here's hoping that we spell "Akinmoladun" as instinctively as we learned to spell "Ndamukong" a few years back. (Cue Mel Gibson "Freedom!" gif.)

Our David McGee makes a good point here...

Sutton's extended recovery time hurts tight end depth. We noticed that at least one offensive lineman (Paul Thurston to #81) changed his jersey number on Saturday before the game, which would indicate a possible move to tight end.

I suspect we may have a good idea who remains suspended once the media observes players coming and going from practice, just by monitoring the status of Blackshirts. In any event, it's good to know that the suspensions will be over for the Miami game. As long as everybody behaves themselves, that is.

Doesn't do any good to get mad at kickers. Might make the coach feel better, but probably won't make the kicker better.

Tyson Brokemeier got his moment in the spotlight. He did well, considering the situation.

Freshman I-back Mikale Wilbon finally got a chance to speak, now that he's played.