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Twitter Recap: Bo Pelini Day, Dwayne Wade and Boney Fuller

it still stings
it still stings
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll just start off the recap with these hilarious tweets.

To see the rest go check out @BoneyFuller.

Now back to your regularly scheduled tweets.

No that’s not how it works!

Does anyone else agree?

Cats can be really evil sometimes.

So many tasty options…

Remember this folks.

Love it!

So so so so so polite.

When your parents notice your food cravings…

Does anyone else love when this happen?


I wonder if gymnasts will try trampoline basketball.

So much for chocolate milk in a bag…

Everyone agrees with you man.

Dwayne Wade and Gabriella Union were in town for the Nebraska game this weekend.

Everyone’s jealous.

We’re all wondering the same thing.

Well this is awkward.

Excellent food choices!

Someone’s in trouble.

Well at least she wasn’t wearing a sombrero.

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets brightened up your Labor Day Monday. If you missed it, here is last week’s Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!