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Cobs of the Week: Mark Banker, Bruce Read, Jordan Preator, Kansas, the Kansas State Band, Texas & Colorado

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Most everybody hates Mondays...except during college football season, when Monday means it's time to nominate the worst of the college football weekend to receive the Cob. For those of you relatively new to CornNation, it's our long standing tradition, and we skewer everyone and anybody.  Bo Pelini, even when most Husker fans still liked him, got nominated from time to time.  The Cob Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Dan Hawkins and Colorado for the most nominations, with Iowa and Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel also being frequent nominees.

So who gets the nomination this week? It won't be the two San Antonio high school players who speared a referee during a game, but only on a technicality. They aren't college players, and will almost certainly never will be after this. But we have a nice selection of candidates, starting with three from Saturday's BYU/Nebraska game.

Jordan Preator

You may not recognize the name, but you recognize the play.

Mark Banker

There's one rule about defending the Hail Mary:  Knock it down.   To do that, you need someone in front of the receiver...and Nebraska failed to do that. That earns Nebraska's defensive coordinator a nomination.  That decision meant that Nebraska wasn't about to be Westerkamped from behind...but in this case, it made it relatively easy for Mitch Matthews to catch the ball. Anybody in the stadium who saw Nebraska lining up four guys in the end zone realized that Nebraska was playing too deep.

Bruce Read

What actually worked on special teams?  Only thing I can come up with is putting Stanley Morgan back along with Westerkamp for a double safety on those rugby punts...and Foltz's cannon shots in the first half. But then we had Westerkamp chasing a punt 30 yards downfield.  Two missed field goals and getting Sam Foltz knocked out of the game was a debacle. Read's predecessor as special teams coordinator took his share of abuse in the past, but he had multiple roles.  Read doesn't have that excuse. As the joke goes: "You had one job..."


It's bad enough to lose to 1-AA South Dakota State. But when you end the game by fumbling the snap trying to stop the clock? That's almost worth two Cob nominations.

Kansas State Marching Band

As if losing to 1-AA South Dakota State wasn't bad enough, the Jayhawks were lampooned by the Wildcats' marching band. The official line was that in a Star Trek tribute, the Wildcats were marching in the formation of the Starship Enterprise and the KU Jayhawk mascot. They got the Jayhawk right.  The Enterprise didn't exactly. Most people thought it looked like, well, male genitalia.  And then it marched straight into the Jayhawk's mouth.  The video might not be suitable for we'll just link to it.


Dan Hawkins is long gone, but the suckage continues in Boulder. Whose bright idea was it to play Friday morning in Hawai'i? They botched their final play by not getting out of bounds or getting a first down, setting themselves up to get homered by the opposing conference's referees.  (Hello, Wisconsin!)

And just for fun, the team bus broke down later that afternoon as the team returned to Boulder from the airport.


Let's just leave it at:  Notre Dame scored again.