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2015-16 Nebraska Men's Basketball Schedule

A brief look at the upcoming season

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Hi folks,

I’m one of the new basketball guys here at Corn Nation. I will hopefully be giving you somewhat entertaining takes on Nebrasketball for the upcoming season.  If not, I am sure the Corn Nation elders will be more than happy to give you another ritualistic sacrifice to the Big Ten basketball gods.

I will also be tweeting a lot of the games so if you like updates on play and random bits of trivia and history feel free to follow me.

But for starters, here is a rundown of the 2015-16 Nebrasketball Schedule. Following this, I will be doing a breakdown once or twice a week on all the opponents leading up to the season.

2015-16 Nebrasketball Schedule

Monday, November 9th - Northern State (H)

Northern State is a hip-hop trio out of New York.

Saturday, November 14th - Mississippi Valley State (H)

-  Anyone want to comment on what a "Delta Devil" is?

Tuesday, November 17th – Villanova (A)

-  Finally, a non-fictional team on the schedule

Thursday, November 19th - Delaware State (H)

-  Any chance we could get VP Biden at this game? Maybe a selfie with Tim Miles?

Tuesday, November 24th - Arkansas - Pine Bluff (H)

-  Not Arkansas

Barclays Center Classic Tournament

Friday, November 27th – Cincinnati (A)

-  Like their chili, this one might leave us with some indigestion

Saturday, November 28th - Tennessee/George Washington (A)

-  This would be awesome if Bruce Pearl was still at Tennessee

Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Tuesday, December 1st – Miami (H)

-  Who would like to troll Miami fans on twitter with me?

Saturday, December 5th - Abilene Christian (H)

-  It’s a school, in Texas

Wednesday, December 9th – Creighton (A)

-  Did I mention I married a Jaysker…..

Sunday, December 13th – Rhode Island (H)

-  REVENGE!!!!

Sunday, December 20th – Samford (H)

-  Bobby Bowden’s Alma Mater because he got scared at ‘Bama

Tuesday, December 22nd – Prairie View (H)

-  I live on the prairie and I have a beautiful view of it…..Okay, now I’m reaching

Big Ten Conference Play

Wednesday, December 30th – Northwestern (H)

-  Conference play starts and The Vault starts getting full

Saturday, January 2nd – Indiana (H)

-  Indiana will score, a lot.

Tuesday, January 5th – Iowa (A)

-  Big losses here with White and Olaseni gone but still  a good team

Saturday, January 9th – Rutgers (A)

-  Unfortunately, bottom in football and probably basketball this year too.

Tuesday, January 12th – Minnesota (H)

-  Right now, I see them and us around the same level. Could be an interesting game.

Saturday, January 16th – Illinois (A)

-  I can't get a read on this team yet.  Hopefully I will by the time their preview is written.

Wednesday, January 20th – Michigan State (A)

-  Possibly the best defense in the conference.

Saturday, January 23rd – Michigan (H)

-  Will probably challenge Michigan State for defense.

Saturday, January 30th – Purdue (A)

-  Another team I have yet to figure out.  I think they might be something if they get the right leadership on the court.

Wednesday, February 3rd – Maryland (H)

-  Many pick Maryland as the preseason conference #1. Nice to have them at home.

Saturday, February 6th – Rutgers (H)

- Yep, they're on here again.

Wednesday, February 10th – Wisconsin (A)

-  Biggest question is whether Coach Ryan will retire at the end of the seaon

Saturday, February 13th – Penn State (H)

-  I keep thinking they will make it into the middle of the pack in the B1G, but I doubt this is the year.

Wednesday, February 17th – Indiana (A)

-  Anyone else getting on this whole College Gameday in Bloomington thing?

Saturday, February 20th / Sunday, February 21st – Ohio State (H)

-  Is the B1G making their own #Pac12AfterDark?

Thursday, February 25th – Penn State (A)

-  Do people go to Penn State games?

Tuesday, March 1st – Purdue (H)

-  Jim Gaffigan went here.  Makes sense, right?

Sunday, March 6th – Northwestern (A)

-  Coach Collins might just be the coach to bring them to their first NCAA tournament game.

B1G Tournament!

Wednesday, March 9th – Sunday, March 13th