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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (9/21/15): De'Mornay Pierson-El Might Be Back Soon

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Riley opened his weekly news conference by announcing that the groin injury kept linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey sidelined late in the Miami game will keep him out another four weeks. Defensive tackle Vincent Valentine's high ankle sprain is "week-to-week", which would indicate that there is a possibility we might not see him until the Wisconsin game.

Riley also said that Nebraska did not start the Miami game "in attack mode"; that, and penalties, were key issues on Saturday.

One could argue that Miami let up on the gas late in the game; the Hurricanes got awfully sloppy and undisciplined in the fourth quarter, and that might have as much - if not more - of an impact than Nebraska's play did at the end of the game.

Riley went on to praise fullback Andy Janovich for his special teams play.

Secondary play is obviously going to be a key area of focus this week.

I suspect that Daniel Davie won't have a Blackshirt this week at practice, though I wouldn't expect it to be awarded to anybody else, such as Chris Jones, either at this point.

Speaking of penalties on the offensive line...

And no, think again if you thought Lewis should no longer be a captain on the team.

But a little warning...

Would you like some good news? Here's something that should make EVERY Husker fan smile:

How close?

Get ready, Bucky. Get ready.

If you feel that Nebraska is throwing the ball more than they should be, that appears to be by design - and Mike Riley is all in favor of it.

Players also talked before and after Riley spoke.

I think Stanley Morgan is our next Kenny Bell. Their games are different, but I see him having that kind of impact.

Smart advice. Just from my personal experience, somebody is eventually going to take issue with something you say... or from something that they think you said, and respond with something inflammatory or even threatening. Let me tell you from experience, that's a rabbit hole you don't want to go down.