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Cobs of the Week: Alex Lewis, Edwin Freeman, Nick Rose and Southern Cal

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For this week's edition of the Cobs of the Week, we really would have liked to have included Rutgers' coach Kyle Flood, but technically, he was ineligible because he got suspended before the weekend. And that's a key detail in our weekly "worst of the weekend" voting. Fortunately, there's plenty of suckage to honor this weekend. (And for the Iowa fan who asked...we're nominating Nebraska again...)

So here are our candidates this week:

Alex Lewis

Nebraska's senior captain had three penalties for 33 yards Saturday.  The first two wiped out first downs; the third one meant that Miami started overtime on the 12 yard line. After the game, Lewis took a lot of criticism from Nebraska fans on Facebook and Twitter, and Lewis fired back Sunday morning.

Here's the thing with Lewis' now deleted comments - it came as a result of a deluge of trolling comments from Nebraska fans.  I get why Lewis did what he did; sometimes the interwebs can really get inside your head. Hopefully someone form Nebraska's digital media team can provide the team a little remedial "social media" training to help them learn to deal with trolls.  (i.e. ignore them)

Edwin Freeman

You may not recognize the name, but you probably saw the play featuring the Texas linebacker.

Anything to avoid a five yard offsides penalty when you get caught being unsure whether you are supposed to stay in the game or not, I guess.

Nick Rose

Texas scored with 1:11 left in regulation, and needed the extra point to tie the game.  Celebration time!

Wait. What?'s a two-fer of Texas Cob candidates, as Texas missed the extra point, and lost 45-44 to Cal.

Southern Cal

Stanford scored 6 points two weeks ago in a loss to Northwestern. But somehow they scored 41 against USC in the Coliseum Saturday night. Needless to say, Southern Cal is no longer a top ten team.