Alex Lewis Has a Meltdown For All To See

After Nebraska's demoralizing loss to Miami fan's were not exactly kind to players especially Alex Lewis. Lewis, after Tommy Armstrong's interception was flagged for an incredibly late hit. Resulting In Miami getting the ball at the 12 yard line, instead of the 25.

As seen above the hit is absolutely inexcusable, but by no means did it cost Nebraska the game. The entire teams first half performance did. However, Miami's field goal kicker would have had a harder time from 12 yards deeper. Thus, after the game many fans, immature fans I may add, tweeted brutal comments about the late hit to Lewis.

After all of this, Lewis then posted this on his Facebook then tweeted a screenshot of it.

If Lewis is actually leaving the team we do not know, but if so our offensive line woes were just taken to another level. I can understand Lewis's frustration with fans, and how some Nebraska fans act on Twitter is pathetic. But, Alex as a captain needs to be more mentally tough, and if he actually leaves the team, I do not know if he ever deserved to be here.

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