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ESPN College Gameday Segment on Lawrence Phillips

ESPN College Gameday did a segment on Lawrence Phillips. Phillips is currently serving 30 years for felony assault at Kern Valley State Prison in Delano, California, a place he described as "a jungle".

Phillips was recently accused of murdering a cell mate.

Phillips still corresponds with a few people on the outside. The segment covers some of that correspondence, and includes some comments from Tom Osborne. One piece of correspondence written by Phillips includes the following:

"I do not want any of these idiots in a cell with me. All they want to do is make knives and make alcohol. Then they say when they get out they will not come back. It's like speaking to a brick wall. Now I understand how people must have felt talking to me."

Think what you want about Phillips, but in the end, his story is just sad. Sad for him, sad for his potential, and sad for his victims.