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Mike Riley News Conference (9/14/2015): Cethan Carter Returns

Mike Riley was obviously pleased with the Huskers performance against South Alabama.

If you are among those who thought that Nebraska didn't run the ball enough against South Alabama, you might want to start getting used to it, because Riley liked the approach.

As for defense, Riley liked the fundamentals. (I personally thought I saw more than that, from my recollection though...)

I don't disagree at all with the performance of two of the new starters, though.

Since left tackle Alex Lewis didn't have any penalties on Saturday, you definitely can say this...

I think we're going to be really pleased with Nick Gates, when all is said and done in his career.

Pass defense is undeniably the biggest issue that the Huskers seem to have right now, manifesting itself in many ways.

As for player availability, it looks like people will be returning this week.

We'll see whether Cethan Carter's availability will change the distribution of passes to tight ends. In the first two games, tight ends have only caught two passes.

Riley dipped into coach-speak a bit discussing this week's game...

Penalties have been a problem in the first two games for the Huskers.

The coaches will take advantage of the trip to Florida to do a little recruiting.

Two? Ummm, OK.

I understand why ACC and SEC types don't like Big Ten and Big XII coaches setting up shop in their territory. I struggle with understanding what's so wrong with it...though I do question how effective a two hour camp can be with recruiting.

At the end, things got away from football a bit.

And the conspiracy theorists can finally put the idea that Riley isn't planning to stick around Lincoln very long. He's finally moving out of the Embassy Suites!

I can't imagine living out of a hotel for nine months myself. (Though Embassy Suites are nice...)

Jonathan Rose spoke quite a bit after playing a pretty good game Saturday night...

Remember Riley's quote about "self control"? That could be a key factor this weekend. Taking stupid penalties, even if merely trying to "defend your honor" doesn't help your team.

Do that, and let the referees handle it.