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Nebraska Football vs. South Alabama: Week 2 Predictions

The season has started, so let's see who takes advantage of their second game!

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Husker Mike: Now that we’ve passed the euphoria of opening weekend, now the schedule settles down.  We still have some decent games this weekend to look forward to...and then there’s Iowa/Iowa State too...

Nathaniel: Does South Alabama know how to throw a Hail Mary?

Husker Mike: That had better not make any difference.

Greg: I learned a valuable lesson about looking at schedules before committing to other events. And my DVR missed the final five minutes of the Huskers game. So thank God I had already learned the outcome. *angry grumblings*

Joe: I wish I missed those 5 minutes.

Keith: Didn’t even read what was mentioned above, as I am doing these predictions in a Meijer parking lot (think fancier Walmart).

Pat: I’m ready for this weekend. The last week has included the BYU game, roofers throwing crap down onto my car and causing a cracked windshield, and my barber nearly Vincent Van Gogh-ing my ear 30 minutes ago. If Nebraska loses to South Alabama on my birthday weekend, it might be  long, long time before any of you ever see me again.

Brian: You improve from week one to week two. At least that’s what people tell me. Anyhow, on to the show!

Iowa (-3.5) at Iowa State

Nathaniel: Iowa takes a big lead early on but Iowa State comes roaring back in the second half to blow past the Hawkeyes 20-17 thanks to a last second field goal.

David: Uh, I mean, I’m devoting more energy to this game than I ever intended to just by typing this sentence. Hawks win 9-7 or something like that.

Greg: The Battle for Iowa! Loser has to stay in Iowa! Can the final score be 2-0? That would be ideal. In all honestly, I know very little about the Hawkeyes and absolutely nothing about the Cyclones, but this is a rivalry game (I guess?) so that has to mean something. Hawkeyes 31 Cyclones 27, because why not?

Husker Mike: The ultimate score for this game would have to be 3-2...  but the chances of that happening are slim-to-none. Iowa State will be breaking in their new stadium expansion, and yes, I expect Kirk to be outcoached again.  Clones 24, Squawk-I’s 21

Joe: God this game is already putting me to sleep.  Kind of early in the season for this kind of a rivalry game,  and I honestly think these 2 teams are better suited to be blood rivals, despite being in different conferences.  This is a game I hope to watch zero seconds of.  I also no knowledge of either team except that Iowa’s sucky QB from last year is sucking for Michigan now, so based on that addition by subtraction i pick Iowa to win.  score redacted.

Jon: I just have a feeling that things are going to be better at Iowa this year because Kirk Ferentz will give them no reason to fire them even though he can’t be fired, you want to be sure, you know, by doing a good job sometimes. I know that includes beating your rivals. Iowa 21, Iowa State 17

Keith: Take Iowa here, Iowa State is really that terrible. The Hawkeyes show something on offense and get a two touchdown win.

Pat: Even when Iowa has had the better team, Iowa State seems to get the better of the Hawks. The Clones haven’t been any good since Thunder Dan McCarney left to be an abusive piece of crap in North Texas, but they’ve still won three of the last four meetings. The last time Iowa knocked off Iowa State, the Hawkeyes had a far superior team. Iowa State might be bad, but I saw nothing from Iowa’s ho-hum win last week to indicate that they’re leaps and bounds better. I’m rolling with Cy on this one. Iowa State with the upset. Tornadoes 23, Hot Lips 21

Brian: Ah yes, the fight for a trophy that disintegrates. Do I care? Not really. Iowa wins though, cause ISU is 2 years late firing Rhodes.

Oregon (+3.5) at Michigan State

Nathaniel: Oregon’s offense and defense is worse off than last season and Sparty’s defense has definitely improved. Without the home crowd behind them, Cook picks apart the Oregon secondary and rubs it into Oregon’s face by scoring a two point conversion at the end.

Sparty 45 Ducklings 31

David: Big spot here for the Big Ten, I think Sparty comes up short, however. They’ll play well and East Lansing will be jumping, but the Ducks will end up making a couple more plays and win a big early season tilt, 31-21

Greg: Disagree with David here, as I think Sparty makes the big plays to get the W. Oregon now is not the Oregon of last year, and Little Brother will be a tough opponent. Michigan State 34, Oregon 30

Husker Mike: Sparty showed a few kinks in their armor last week, but not nearly as many as Oregon did. I think Michigan State wins this one going away.  Sparty 48, Ducks 30.

Joe: This is a game I will watch.  I hope Oregon wears a new uniform that looks exactly like michigan state’s uniforms so that no one can tell anyone apart.  Total Chaos erupts and each team commits 9 turnovers.  Oregon 51 Mich st. 49.  or not.

Jon: It’s at East Lansing this year, and Mark Dantonio is better than anybody about bringing his team onto the field with a chip on their shoulder. Oregon is built to outscore opponents, not shut them down, and I don’t expect Sparty to have problems scoring. Close for a while, but in the fourth Sparty pulls away on the run game. Sparty 45, Duckies 35

Keith: Michigan State can’t stop the ducks while Oregon might figure a thing or two out on offense. Vernon Adams has 400 total yards en route to a Duck victory.

Pat: Something I just learned: Michigan State is calling this their biggest game since the Game of the Century. That’s what they call Sparty’s 1966 tie against Notre Dame. For that reason alone, I want to pick against Sparty, but I can’t and I won’t. A lot of people are comparing the Ducks’ and Spartans’ first games, neither of which were the monumental blowouts people were calling for. There are two major differences, however. 1.) Michigan State went on the road and 2.) They were playing an FBS team on the rise. The Spartans faced a stiffer challenge and, to me, proved their worth a lot more than the new-look Ducks. Not saying the Ducks won’t have ironed some things out, but I think Michigan State comes away with a much-needed win for the Big Ten. Izzos 56, Altmans 41

Brian: I can’t see Michigan State slowing down Oregon a whole lot, but at the same time, the question always is how good Oregon’s D is. In the end, no Narduzzi means something to Michigan State, who loses this game to the Ducks.

LSU (-4) at Mississippi State

Nathaniel: LSU didn’t play last week because of a lightning storm (and McNeese State got paid half a mil just for showing up to the stadium) while the Bulldogs struggled for a while against Southern Miss. I don’t even think the cowbells will save them against the fresh Tigers that are hungry to start playing. Les Miles Eating Grass 28 MOAR COWBELL 17

David: Well, I picked MSU to go to the playoff, so I kinda gotta pick ‘em here, right? Dak Prescott has an early Heisman moment and the Bulldogs take a bite out of the Tigers, 24-20

Greg: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a Tiger a Bulldog and watch them on "Unlikely Animal Friends" on Animal Planet. Look, there could easily be some hangover for Les Miles’ crew after getting pumped to play and being unable to do so. That being said, I’m not particularly sold on Mississippi (anyone else spell that "M-i-crooked letter crooked letter-i-...and so on?) State, and I like a fresh LSU team here. Tiger 42 Bulldogs 28 (yes, at some point my numbers are going to be more arbitrary than anything else)

Husker Mike: Between home field and LSU missing out on their home opener, the Bulldogs have the advantage here.  I’ll stick with the known quantity and Dak:  MSU 27, LSU 21

Joe: Les Miles has done more with less than anyone in modern civilization.  I’m not talking about his teams,  I’m talking about him and his success while seeming to be a total idiot.  Have you ever listened to one of his press conferences?  He makes words up.  No one manages the clock worse and it could be said that his teams, based on their talent, should be much much better.  LSU 38- MSU 9  HOW DOES LES DO IT!!!!

Jon: It’s on the road for LSU. It’s early in the season for Miss State. Miss St 28, LSU 24

Keith: LSU has a quarterback? Nope. After the game the Les Miles to Michigan rumors start up as LSU loses and Harbaugh does too.

Pat: Still not sold on Mississippi State. After all of the pub last season, it has felt like a hangover has been awaiting them this season. Last week didn’t seem to dispute that sentiment. I see the Tigers taking the win by a touchdown. Cats 24, Dogs 17

Brian: Gonna find out how good either Leonard Fournette is or the LSU QB situation gonna save their asses, as Mississippi State gonna throw 9 in the box and dare Cam Cameron to throw. Dan Mullen needs this game badly if he’s going to be taken seriously in the SEC West. I think they get it and win this one.

Oklahoma (+1) at Tennessee

Nathaniel: Oklahoma could turn some heads in the Big 12 this season. While Tennessee has plenty of returning starters, they came into this season a bit overrated and I don’t think their defense won’t be able to gun down Oklahoma’s air raid attack. Sooners prevail 41-24.

David: Along with the MSU/OU game, this is one that makes me upset that the Nebraska game is at night. I think we find out a lot about both of these teams. OU may not be vintage, but I think they’re going to be pretty good. This is the highest expectations we’ve seen in Knoxville in a while, too. I think Tennessee wins a classic with a late 2-minute drive, 33-31.

Greg: This is an interesting match-up of two teams I think we can say are back on the rise. Tennessee hasn’t experienced hype like this since there was a Manning under center. But Oklahoma is going to win the Big XII, and can’t afford a loss to a good SEC team on their way to prominence. Sooners by single digits. 30-24 (or maybe 27, but we all know the SEC doesn’t pay their kickers).

Husker Mike: Man, blowing out a mediocre Iowa team does wonders for a team’s reputation. If that team is in the essicee, that is. Boom goes the dynamite, and down goes Rocky Top.  Boomer 41, Smokey 22

Joe: My dad went to University of Tennessee and I lived in Knoxville for two years before moving to Nebraska.  My only memories are a giant bug on my apartment window and a lobster in a tank at the supermarket.  I hope the Vols win 33-30 (but I’d be happy with other scores too)

Jon: Oklahoma fell apart toward the end of last season while Tennessee won their games to end the season. Whichever one wins this is going to be hyped until.. well, until their conference season starts and they start losing to their perspective conference teams. Oklahoma’s passing game is better. Okies 38, Vols 31

Keith: Oklahoma actually looked good last week. Tennessee struggled with Bowling Green at home. Even at Tennessee give me the points.

Pat: Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. I was more impressed with the Sooners’ victory over a MAC opponent than Tennessee’s. Ruf Neks 35, Hounds 23

Brian: Tennessee is a smokeshow, and I’m watching Al Golden at Miami. Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield gonna eat, Boomer Sooner all day in Neyland.

South Alabama (+26) at Nebraska

Nathaniel: As long as Tommy Armstrong doesn’t have another bad quarter, Nebraska should have no problem winning this game. Drew Brown wins back the hearts of fans by kicking a couple field goals over 40 yards. Wilbon will get some more reps and Armstrong will runl some zone reads. Nobody get injured and everybody goes home happy. Huskers 48 South Alabama 24

David: South Alabama’s tempo might give NU some fits, but if this game is close into the second half, it will be a long week in Lincoln. I think the Huskers get right in this one, we see Wilbon have a big game and the WRs that don’t have "Westerkamp" on the back of their jerseys make a bunch of plays down field. It may be a game at half, but I see the Huskers pull away in the third and a bunch of back-ups in the fourth. 59-24, NU.

Greg: I think the Huskers are going to play a dominating game from the start, limiting mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities. They don’t want to be in another position of possibly of a last-second loss, and they won’t be. After the heartbreak of Week 1, this team is capable and should put 60 points on the scoreboard, and South Alabama will not get to 30 points. They BETTER NOT get to 30 points.

Husker Mike: Nebraska will fix a few things that need fixing, while South Alabama is, well, a rebuilding Sun Belt squad.  Even a few Nebraska fans will turn off BTN to watch the second half of Oregon and Michigan State.  Huskers 52, Jaguars 7.  (Yes, Nebraska gets a field goal!)

Joe: We just better win big.  Also I blame my baby for the Huskers loss last week.  I’ll explain in the Cobcast next week.  72-17 huskers.

Jon: Nebraska should roll, and we’ll still be nitpicking every single aspect of this game next week. Nebraska 45, South Alabama 17

Keith: Take South Alabama for the cover here. Nebraska struggles to contain the run early and South Alabama even takes the lead in the first quarter. Nebraska then decides to bench Alex Lewis after his 9th penalty and that provides a spark. Nebraska 45 SA 24

Pat Janssen: Nebraska needs this win. I NEED THIS WIN. I was honestly impressed with the Huskers last weekend. I think South Alabama is the sacrificial lamb for an angry Nebraska squad. Huskers 62, Jaguars 21

Brian: Nebraska could cover. Don’t care. Step on their throats and be pissed off. I’d rather have a team upset about last week and wanting to take care of business than one that overlooks a SunBelt team looking forward to Miami next week.


Standings after Week One

4-1: David, Husker Mike, Nathaniel

3-2: Ranchbabe, Joe Canale, Salt Creek, Greg, Jon, Keith, Brian

2-3: Pat Janssen