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Thursday Night Football Open Thread!!!!

It's Thursday night and that means football.

It's not exactly the greatest football around, but it's football and a joyous time to get together and bitch about the things that happened this week.

Tonight's Football Schedule

Southern at MVSU  6:30 PM ESPNU

Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky 7:00 PM  Fox Sports 1

If you're into the PRO FOOTBALL side of football, then there's this going on:

Pittsburg Steelers vs Stinky Ass Cheatin' Bastard Sonsabitches No Good Ball Deflatin Sign and Playchart Stealing New England Patriots Featuring Quarterback Tom Brady who would steel Cheerios from your mother while she was at a church breakfast.

7:30 PM NBC

Alternative Topics:

- Still looking for a suggestion for a new (used) car with a budget of $15k.

- What's your favorite theme song for any type show?

- Read any good books lately?