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Corn Flakes: Your University is Improving!

Time out from sports for a moment! Turns out, your university is improving..... if you attended UNL, that is. If you went to UNO or UNK, well, you can just piss off then. WOohooOOO!!!!!

Note the following news release from UNL:

Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 9, 2015 -- The University of Nebraska-Lincoln remains among the nation's top public universities, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2016 best-colleges rankings. UNL checked in at No. 47 among public national universities in the latest rankings, which were made public today.

UNL joined all other Big Ten public universities in the Top 50. UNL was No. 45 last year, No. 47 in 2014 and 2013, and No. 49 in 2012.

Among all national universities (public and private), UNL was tied with four other institutions at No. 103. The national universities category consists of 280 institutions -- 173 public, 100 private and seven for-profit -- that offer a wide range of undergraduate majors as well as master's and doctoral degrees; some emphasize research.

The university was No. 35 in the Best Online Bachelor's Programs for Veterans rankings and also was in U.S. News' list of "A-Plus Schools for B Students." The College of Business Administration was No. 61 among best undergraduate business programs, which were ranked on peer assessment surveys conducted in 2014 and 2015.

To arrive at the overall university rankings, data on up to 16 indicators of academic quality are gathered from each institution and tabulated. Among the indicators are peer assessment; retention and graduation of students; faculty resources; student selectivity; financial resources; alumni giving; and graduation rate performance -- the difference between the proportion of students expected to graduate and the proportion that do.

In January four UNL online programs were recognized in U.S. News' Best Online Programs rankings. The university’s online graduate education, bachelor of science in applied science, master of business administration and master of engineering management online programs were among the nation's top programs. In May, four UNL programs -- the online graduate program in education, the College of Business Administration's online MBA, online graduate engineering programs and online bachelor's programs -- were ranked in U.S. News' top 35.

Note also the increase in enrollment:

UNL enrollment climbs to all-time high of 25,260 | UNL Newsroom | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
UNL announced Sept. 8 that fall 2015 enrollment is 25,260 students, surpassing the previous high enrollment of 25,075 in 1982. It is the third straight year of enrollment growth for the university.

Okay, back to sports, mostly:

A Part of Football That is Forgotten - Hammer and Rails

While standing outside the stadium, waiting on my spouse to handle business, a Random Marshall fan walked by carrying a case of beer. He stopped, and handed me a beer and said "good luck".

Marshall fans are apparently nice people. Maybe we should play them.

Ducks will be underdogs for the first time in 46 games against Michigan State | FOX Sports
I try to link the bigger sports sites sometimes, but is just a steaming mess of shit and some of the the others aren't much better. There is so much noise on their sites, and they can take their auto-play videos and shove them up their collective asses.

Brian Kelly: Return of Notre Dame-Michigan series 'trending up' -
There's no Michigan. In fact, not a single team from the Big Ten is to be found on it. Given Notre Dame's location, and the fact it has three long-running rivalries with Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue, it seems somewhat sacriligious.

BYU 33, Nebraska 28: A dead-even game decided by chaos - Football Study Hall
Advanced stats from BYU's 33-28 win over Nebraska in Lincoln on September 5.

Numbers to Know: Nebraska-South Alabama

Numbers rarely tell the whole story but they are frequently interesting. Here are some to keep an eye on ahead of Saturday's Nebraska-South Alabama game.

Hey, I did one of these columns on a regular basis last season.

Tale of the Tape: BYU | Hail Varsity
Breaking down three key plays from the Huskers' loss to BYU with the help of a former college football coach.

Bring On The Cats Issues Public Reprimand to Big 12 Conference - Bring On The Cats

BOTC Issues a Public Reprimand of the Big 12 Conference

Still about that whole "Jayhawk eats a dick" thing with the band.

Steve Patterson's now charging opponents to bring their bands - Barking Carnival

Steve Patterson's Gameday Experience brought to you by Taco Bell has reached a new level, as it appears he's now charging opponents for the seats their bands use. By all accounts, this is the first time in the series either university has charged the other for band seats.

Speaking of dicks, Texas must have put that as a requirement on the resume when looking for an athletic director last time.

Jay Norvell Q&A: Lessons from the new Texas play caller's Oklahoma tenure - Burnt Orange Nation

An Oklahoma insider dishes on what the former co-offensive coordinator contributed to some successful Sooners offenses and whether Norvell will have success as the Longhorns play caller.

Read the comments and they're all tearing each other apart in Texas.

3 pretty easy ways to make college football better -

College football is very good, and making it better would not be the most challenging thing that anyone has ever done.

@FauxPelini did this. He should come right for us once in a while. Maybe someone should ask him.

This Week In Schadenfreude, where the Texas Longhorns are FCS now -

Welcome back to This Week In Schadenfreude, in which your host trawls the depths of the college football Internet for the absolute angriest college football fans. Doesn't that sound fun?

Nebraska wasn't even close to being amongst the angriest of all college football fans. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

College football bowl projections after Week 1

Maryland football is making strides, but still has a lot of room to improve - Testudo Times
It is the beginning of September, so its all about football baby. Also, Maryland soccer looks to move forward after a disappointing loss to Akron.

Townie vs. Yorkie: How much trouble is Penn State in right now? - Off Tackle Empire
Two Penn State "writers" talk about what that super fun Temple game means for PSU's future.

Illinois played like nobody was watching - Off Tackle Empire
Apparently no pressure plus no TV audience equals a 52-3 rout

Roundtable: Is Northwestern the favorite in the Big Ten West? - Inside NU
Walking away from Ryan Field on Saturday, I (Henry Bushnell) was brainstorming content ideas in reaction to Northwestern's win over No. 21 Stanford. I texted Josh Rosenblat telling him that if both...

Indiana State at Purdue Preview - Hammer and Rails
Purdue's next-to-last FCS opponent ever is a familiar foe from Terre Haute.

Minnesota Football vs Colorado State: Q and A with Mountain West Connection - The Daily Gopher
Jacob Schildgen, contributor of the Mountain West's SBNation blog took some time to answer our questions about the upcoming showdown between the Gophers and the Rams.

Brian Kelly: Return of Notre Dame-Michigan series 'trending up' -

There's no Michigan. In fact, not a single team from the Big Ten is to be found on it. Given Notre Dame's location, and the fact it has three long-running rivalries with Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue, it seems somewhat sacrilegious.

These were damned good rivalries, but Notre Dame chose to end them. Now, maybe Notre Dame needs them back? Maybe Notre Dame can go to hell, too.

Former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema calls out Ohio State’s schedule " Big Ten Network

Bielema took a shot at Ohio State during the SEC’s weekly teleconference. When asked for his reaction to the SEC having 10 teams ranked in the latest AP Top 25 poll, Bielema had the following to say: "It’s wonderful. I love it. I say that with a smile, as it’s a major statement to the nation. Ohio State has one game on the schedule against a ranked team, we have eight left on the schedule. To get through this conference, it’s unprecedented. Any argument (against the strength of the SEC) is complete nonsense."

BERT doing what BERT does best, and that's blather one about things.

Below is a real look at the Ohio State schedule. Don't forget to read the comments because they are juicy and wonderful and full of angst from other programs besides Ohio State who resent the Buckeyes. It's fun!

Ohio State's schedule is damn easy. Here's how they can still earn the No. 1 spot. -
These projections show the marks a true elite should be expected to hit against the Buckeyes' coming opponents, whether those opponents are tough or not. (Most are not.)