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Big Red Cobcast: Adam Carriker

Former Blackshirt Adam Carriker brings the heat, talking about his throwing arm, the difference in Husker coaching regimes and what it's like being the moral compass for a fanbase.

All Huskers are legends. To make it onto the Memorial Stadium playing surface takes far more than what most of us have or are willing to give. But some legends are bigger than others, both for what they do on the field and how they conduct themselves off of it.

Adam Carriker has earned the "legend" moniker rightfully, and for a variety of reasons. How many people do you know who have been named Big XII Defensive Lineman of the Year, been chosen in the first round of the NFL draft, interviewed Bill Goldberg, been a caring family man AND perfectly articulated so many great points about Husker culture (and society in general)? I'm going out on a limb and saying "not many." Bill Goldberg doesn't give a lot of interviews.

Husker pride just oozes from this guy. Something tells me he would appreciate this reaction to being named a Blackshirt. But for all of that pride, there is also no fear. Adam calls it like he sees it, and he took the time to share his many thoughts on the Huskers--past, present and future. He also made Tweedy and I feel incredibly physically inadequate. Take a listen!

Oh, and keep your eyes extra peeled in the coming week. Later this week, we'll have a special episode with a surprise guest, and a week from today, we'll have our thoughts from the season-opening game.

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