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BYU Week: Previewing Week One Matchups

Watching the teams that'll be contributing to Nebraska's Strength of Schedule.

All rankings based on F/+ Rankings from the end of the 2014 season. Future rankings will be obtained from 2015 rankings.

Every week we'll take a look at Nebraska's opponents and see how their weekends' shake out. As we learned with Baylor and TCU last season, opponents matter. Every win helps Nebraska's Strength of Schedule, so go bad guys! Except those jerks in Madison.

Screw those guys.

On with the (p)review:

#46 Brigham Young Cougars (0-0, Independent) @ #30 Nebraska Cornhuskers (0-0, Big Ten)

Does Nebraska get cat-burgled as they recover from an off-season hangover  of total positivity? Or does Nebraska's history of success against cats come into play here?

#89 South Alabama Jaguars (0-0, Sun Belt) vs Gardner-Webb Runnin' Bulldogs (FCS)

Probably not the greatest tune up for Nebraska, but then again, Mike Riley once coached a team that lost to Sacremento State!

#31 Miami Hurricants (0-0, Atlantic Coast) vs Bethune-Cookman Wildcats (FCS)

Al Golden has to find those wins somewhere.

#110 Southern Mississippi Eagles (0-0, Conference USA) vs #13 Mississippi State Bulldogs (0-0, Southeastern)

Whatever it takes to keep the school out of the red, eh, Eagles?

#78 Illinois Tirefires (0-0, Big Ten) vs #107 Kent State (0-0, Mid-America)

Kent State catches the Illinois a week after Tim Beckman gets fired for making Bo Pelini look downright cuddly.

#25 Wisconsin Bads (0-0, Big Ten) vs #2 Alabama (0-0, Southeastern) AT THE JERRY DOME


#37 Minnesota Golden Goophers (0-0, Big Ten) vs #6 Texas Christian Bleeding Frogs (0-0, Big 12) ON THURSDAY

Can Minnesota pull off the upset at home? Nah. But it'll probably be entertaining nonetheless.

#71 Northwestern Wildkittens (0-0, Big Ten) vs #18 Stanford Trees (0-0, Pacific-12)

Northwestern begins their 2015 title defense breaking in a freshman QB against the nerds from Palo Alto.

#84 Purdue Boilerchickens (0-0, Big Ten) @ #17 We Are Marshall Thundering Herd (0-0, Mid-America)

Purdue, home of many of the astronauts and engineers that put man on the Moon, may wish they were still on the Moon.

#11 Misfit State Island (0-0, Big Ten) @ #56 Western Michigan Aquatic Broncos (0-0, Mid-America)

Let's be fair, the Islanders are breaking in a new defensive staff.

#81 Rutgers Scarlet Disasters (0-0, Big Ten) vs Norfolk State Spartans (FCS)

Will Flood be on the sideline? This is probably the only interesting question here.

#63 Iowa Preparatory School for Boys (0-0, Big Ten) vs Illinois State Redbirds (FCS)

Good luck to the Nebraska recruit safety school as they start this year's campaign.


Where we look at everyone Nebraska isn't playing, unless they're in the Big Ten Champ Game.

#1 SUPERSTAR Urban State Buckeyes (National Champions, Big Ten) vs #33 Virginia Tech Imaginary Birds (0-0, Atlantic Coast)

Why are the Buckeyes even playing? I thought they already won every national title ever?

#54 Michigan Harbaughs (National Champions, Ann Arbor) @ #29 Utah Not Cougars (0-0, Pacific-12)

Jim Harbaugh probably loses his pants here.

#88 Indiana Cowards (0-0, Big Ten) vs Southern Illinois Salukis (FCS)

Indiana is playing a FCS team instead of Nebraska. Cowards.

#62 Maryland Eyesores (0-0, Big Ten) vs Richmond Spiders (FCS)


#45 Penn State Recruiters (0-0, Big Ten) @ #67 Temple Owls (0-0, American Athletic)


How about you, dear reader? How do you see  our future opponents faring in their games this weekend?