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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Matt Farniok Names Nebraska In His Final 4, Commit Watch From Florida Again?

The latest and GREATEST news you can imagine from the world of Nebraska Football Recruiting.

Freddie Pinder
Freddie Pinder
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- This has been an interesting week for Nebraska Cornhuskers Recruiting after visits from 2 potential recruits last week.

The first off is, honestly, kinda odd. Remember I told you about Mulbah Car, the Austin RB visiting last week? Well, things changed.

That was pretty quick for Car. He literally got the offer from Houston on Thursday and it didn't seem to take much time. In all likelihood, Aphonso Thomas should be a better back.

The other visitor committed where we all thought he would, but this one is not over.

It's not a shock that Steven Smothers committed to West Virginia, but the timing did throw folks for a loop.

But, to be honest, Nebraska's not out of this one. If WV HC Dana Holgorson has issues and leaves, Nebraska will make sure to get back in this one.

- Nebraska had done hard work with Sioux Falls OT Matt Farniok, who is probably at the top of Nebraska's Big Board if you had to throw one together. That was confirmed by Damon Sayles, Bleacher Report's top recruiting man. In this report, Farniok has a top 4 of Nebraska, Iowa, Florida State and Michigan State. The funny thing about Michigan State is that, since Gavin Cupp flipped from Michigan St. to Ohio St., they could have taken Alaric Jackson. However, AJ Arcuri took that spot for Michigan St. So, it's fair to say the Spartans may not have room for Farniok.

Nebraska has been graced with Farniok's presence in Unofficial Visits several times this past year, so it's easy to see how the Huskers are the leaders here. If Nebraska got both Farniok and Alaric Jackson? Bonus, kids. Bonus.

- Where's the next '16 cycle commitment? Keep an eye on Miami Southridge Wide Receiver Freddie Pinder. There were two 247 Crystal Ball selections for Pinder out of the seeming blue Thursday, but if it's 2 national guys like Ryan Bartow and Demetric Warren, you pay attention.

The one thing that Nebraska could use in a Wideout in the future is height, and Pinder would definitely give them that. If the High School sounds familiar, it's because Nebraska already has a verbal in DiCaprio Bootle from that school. Like Bootle, Pinder camped with Nebraska this summer in Miami. Definitely keep your eye on this young man.