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Breweries we Didn't Get a Chance to Cover

With school starting, and volleyball ramping up, CornNation's Brewery Profile series comes to an end for 2015.

With the new school year starting this week along with high school sports season, this is the end of the CornNation Summer Brewery Profile series. As of right now, the plan is to kick it off again next summer with breweries that we didn't get to this summer, along with updates about the breweries we did (and now that it's out there, I guess we have to do that!).

If you've read this series, and you can't find the beer you want in your area, there are a couple of ways to make that happen:

  1. Get untappd, RateBeer, or Beer Advocate (or all three) on your phone. Many distributors, liquor store, and bar and restaurant owners are looking at these apps to see what people are drinking and will place their orders based on that. I use untappd (my handle is coachty6) regularly. It's kind of a social media app for beer drinkers.
  2. Ask for beer from these breweries when you hit your favorite bar, pub, restaurant, or store. If they start to hear the name over and over, they'll begin to investigate.

We at CornNation want to know what you're drinking at tailgates this year. Our greatest hope from this series is that you're putting good Nebraska beer in your cooler before Husker games. Tweet us (@Cornnation, @coach_ty6) with pictures of your new favorite Nebraska brews. You're even allowed to tell us if we struck out on a selection, or if you find something else you like.

Below is a current list of breweries either open or opening soon in Nebraska. I've linked to every one that has an active website as of publication. Breweries are opening all the time in Nebraska, so this list may not be complete within a month of publication. Keep an eye and an ear out. The growth of craft beer in Nebraska will be fueled by people drinking their favorite craft beer.

The Benson Brewery, Omaha

Upstream Brewing, Omaha (2 Locations)

Brickway Brewery and Distillery, Omaha

Farnam House Brewing, Omaha

Scriptown Brewery, Omaha

Rock Bottom Brewery, Omaha (National Chain)

Spilker Ales, Cortland

Loop Brewing Company, McCook

Granite City, Lincoln (National Chain)

Modern Monks, Lincoln (Old website, but their beer was available in Lincoln this summer)

SchillingBridge Winery and Brewery, Pawnee City

Bottle Rocket Brewing, Seward (Opening October 2015)

If there is a brewery that I've missed, or you hear about a new one, get ahold of me on twitter. Keep checking the brewery websites and social media outlets for changes. I know that Blue Blood is now serving food in the taproom. Ploughshare, for example, changed their menu and hours for the summer.

As part of my involvement with Blue Blood, I occasionally give the brewery tours. Feel free to stop by any Saturday at 2:00 pm!