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Notes From Nebraska's First Day Of Fall Camp For 2015

Things were great! We need patience! I'm not a backup! WE'RE TALKIN ABOUT PRACTICE.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Nebraska Cornhuskers went at it for the first time officially in the 2015 season with a 2-ish hour practice in and around the fields at the Hawks Championship Center.

What a crowd, huh?

Here are some observations from that practice that I found on twitter:

- What did the Offense look like? Depends on who you asked.


- Kevin Williams was a little... pissed off?

- One of the Linebacking pieces of the puzzle fit early on.

- The offense wasn't taken over by Jordan Stevenson, and some folks were doing things that was promised from back in Spring ball.

- A lot of eyes were on Tommy Armstrong Jr., and even thought it was no pads, playing against air, folks were showing some love. Then again, it is the first practice.

- I saw it mentioned on twitter, but Vincent Valentine missed tonight's practice with a knee contusion. Shouldn't be out long, per Mike Riley.

What did Mike Riley say of the workout?

"I was pleased in general that after just one spring we were able to come out here and get into some formations and run some plays, Some of it looked like football, and that is pretty good. That is a function of them learning some stuff in the spring and having some carryover."

Practice #1 is out of the way. 30 days to go.