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Notes From Nebraska's Players Press Conference Before Fan Day

Before the Fan Day festivities lead off into Fall Camp, a few players talked to the media on Wednesday.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Cornhuskers visited with the media before Fan Day on Wednesday, the official kick off to Fall Camp before the 2015 season.

Here are the notes from that presser:

- Jack Gangwish was the first person to speak. He opened up about the strength and conditioning that S&C Coach Mark Phillipp has instituted. Gangwish spoke of "Olympic Weight Lifting", which Phillipp has focused on rather than what James Dobson went through as just lifting. He stated that the types of movements have been "more athletic".

Gangwish stated that it's a "lot different" from being a walk-on at Nebraska to a Captain; the philosophy of the defensive line is to "always play hard. Your steps may not be perfect, but this is a pin your ears back and tackle somebody" type of defense, which Gangwish said caters to him more.

- Gangwish stated Freedom Akinmoladum as a person that has taken the biggest step up through the Spring and Summer. Ross Dzuris is another player that was mentioned by Gangwish as someone who has gotten better through Spring and Summer as well.

- Daniel Davie appeared next, and first spoke about practicing at night, feeling that it's easy to focus more in the evening when the heat isn't such a factor. Then he spoke about Secondary Coach Brian Stewart and the transition from Charlton Warren to Stewart being good. Davie talked about going against De'mornay Pierson-El, stating that they made each other better going against each other in practice.

- Davie also then talked about the coaching staff holding each player accountable. The first and foremost thing, for Davie, is to beat BYU in their first game. Davie stated that in his summer set, the coaches gave the players a script on what to work on. Davie is ready to go since he sat out a majority of the Spring.

- Josh Banderas came to the podium next. Stated that the summer went well, that he worked a lot on flexibility. Mentioned Barrett Ruud, who wanted them to get more flexible. He mentioned a few of the players used yoga to get looser. "We're all terrible at Yoga, it's rough in there".

- On expectations, Banderas doesn't feel pressure or heavy expectations, just that he's getting to know the coaches and new members of the team and in the new defensive scheme. Feels extremely comfortable in the new scheme, saying that the old staff used "an encyclopedia" for a playbook. The only thing that's same with the old defense is "the skeleton". The vocabulary of defenses change, but when you get used to it, you get more comfortable.

- Banderas mentioned that he felt good about his game in the Holiday Bowl, but he's still ready to go with the new staff. The goals are, to Banderas, "nothing short of a Big Ten Championship". Bando stated the team is on the same page, there's no reason to not click and not get to Indianapolis.

- Bando mentioned Adrienne Talan and Tyrin Ferguson as kids to watch. Also, that Dedrick Young is a guy who needs to put on some weight but should be in the mix. Banderas mentioned that, even as a Lincoln resident, he never went to Fan Day, but he realizes how much of a meaning it has to folks in the state.

- Maliek Collins came to the podium next, didn't know how he could squat so much with Mark Phillipp as his S&C coach. He doesn't feel pressure being a leader of this team, just to go out and play. He feels like the team "could win em all". Guys on the defensive line need to put in the work and time to get on the field. Stated that Carlos and Kahlil Davis are being worked with. Collins says that, to him, there are no big adjustments, just to attack every day.

- The presser flipped to the offensive side, as Alex Lewis arrived. He stated that he wants "diamonds on his finger" as expectations for his season. "Same ole team, and we're ready to rock and roll".  Lewis stated that he wants to eliminate penalties and improve both sets of blocking. Being called Co-Captain is "a cool feeling, one that I want to show my children. Look back down the road and be proud of it".

- Lewis stated that, when he was having his issues from the assault charge, he didn't think he'd be where he is now. "There's nothing to stop me from excelling". Stated that other members of the OL are in the weight room and "ready to rock and roll" this year. Lewis stated that his role is to bring the mentality of being the nastiest guy on the football field, that if you're going to touch my WB or RB, that I will stop you. The OL also needs to be smarter on Gamedays, that the more you understand, the more you can dominate.

- Lewis stated that OL Coach Mike Cavanaugh is awesome, that Cav came in and wants to build a relationship with each member of his crew. Lewis & the OL appreciates Cav and everything he wants to do. Lewis states that the jobs are competitive across the board, mentioned David Knevel that could drive Lewis to make him better. Cavanaugh said "the best 5 play", and it opened a lot of eyes. Lewis says that Gangwish has the higher motor due to the ability to wrap up other than a OL having to keep his hands in.

- RB Terrell Newby stepped up next. He said that if feels pretty good that he's the front-runner for the top RB, however, RB coach Reggie Davis stated that it's an open competition still. Newby stated that he has to take each play one play at a time. The biggest thing Newby learned from Ameer Abdullah was "Offensive I.Q" and work ethic.

- Newby stated that incoming RB Jordan Stevenson brings competition and will be good for everyone, that it makes the whole group better. Newby stated he has no numerical goals, just taking it one day at a time. Reggie Davis has helped big time with terminology and his NFL experience.

- De'mornay Pierson-El was next up to the podium, stating that he's got a target on his back due to his breakout year last season, but he welcomes it. Keith Williams is an exciting coach, technique speaks for itself. Pierson-El is more confident in being an all around Wideout, not just a return specialist. He Talked to some of the NFL guys back to work with Williams and said the chemistry with he and Tommy Armstrong Jr. has grown over-throwing during the summer.

- DPE stated that Brandon Reilly is one of the fastest guys on the team and his technique is very good. He was surprised that some of the workout catches caught by social media got as big as it did. He stated that his confidence is "at a 10, I'm not afraid of everything and I know my ability". He mentioned that the Minnesota catch and strip is something he learned from to get better. DPE stated that the current passing scheme is more like the NFL has to offer, and if he masters it, getting to the next level (NFL) is more optimal.

- DPE expects a lot out of Terrell Newby, says he is similar to Ameer but in his own style & will turn people's heads. DPE loves the fanbase, says they are the best in College Football. He was unaware that his number (#15) was the only one being sold this year.

- Brandon Reilly was last up to the speaker box. His hamstring is good to go. Reilly expects to play Special Teams again this year. He hasn't seen many schemes yet for punt blocking, but wants to see Pierson-El get some chances. Stated that Keith Williams emphasizes route running, and unsure of how he got those drills but they work.

- According to Reilly this offense is more receiver friendly, that it gives you more confidence. The deep ball should appear more with this offense. Stated that Stanley Morgan definitely looks the part, and shined during 7 on 7 drills. He stated that Alonzo Moore is a freak athlete that is really rough on himself. Keith Williams struck a chord with him, and has helped his confidence.