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Big Red Cobcast: It's Getting So Close!

We're a month away and the Cobcast guys are excited. So excited that Pat and Joe didn't shop up and Mike Canale stepped in.

Do you hear that guys? That sweet familiar sound of drunken chanting, oversized instruments and even more oversized people hitting each other at break neck speeds. It's the sound of freedom, the sound of hope, the sound of true love.

It's the sound of football season and it's just around the corner.

I can taste the fatty food and the shitty beer. I can feel the roll of my wife's eyes as I force her to the bar at 9 am to drink bloody mary's; the fear of my two dogs as they hide under the table because dogs don't understand why I'm so mad at the TV; the anger from my neighbors because they are from California and feel no passion about anything, except maybe, Kardashian news.


Get excited guys because if football season is a month away then that means our 6th national championship is only 4 months away! Tommy Armstrong and the greatest receiving corps to ever play the game is ready to tear the BIG 10 a new corn hole.

Do you hear that, Dantanio? Urban Meyer? The entire state of Wisconsin? It's Riley. Mike Riley and he's got thirst that can only be quenched by the pain of other fan bases. No more Mr. Nice Guy (except when he's talking to the media because that's part of the master plan). It's coming and it's gonna suck to be you guys. You think those heart attacks were rough? They have nothing on a Pierson-El punt return or a Collins broken-back-sack™.

Get ready because this is gonna be a hell of a season.

On this episode, Mike and Ryan talk about the game day experience (which Mike will be having for the first time at the BYU game this year with yours truly), The coach between Solich and Pelini and whether or not enough is enough and of course the usual tangents are in full effect.

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