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Mike Riley News Conference Recap: August 31, 2015

It's game week, and that means it's time for our first Mike Riley news conference...and the first question comes from that Oregon Tribune article that mentioned that five Huskers would be suspended for the BYU game.  Riley declined once again to say who will be sitting this Saturday.

He has a reason why he's still keeping mum...

Sounds like we'll probably know before Saturday, though. Many people have made guesses as to who the suspended starter will be; it remains to be seen as to whether they are right or not. I won't say who I think it is, because it would be unfair to that player if I'm wrong, and it would be just passing on rumors.

In that same article, the coaches mentioned that a freshman linebacker was struggling with his role. Well, now Nebraska is down one freshman linebacker.

Should we connect the dots with Adrienne Talan, perhaps?

Turning to injuries, Nebraska may see a couple of receivers back. And the news looks better on starting tight end Trey Foster.

It's expected that multiple BYU players will be suspended as well for this Saturday's game as a result of the Miami Beach Bowl Brawl. We just don't know who at this point, and Riley isn't focusing on it.

Ryker Fyfe continues to be Nebraska's backup quarterback, with AJ Bush pushing Fyfe for the backup spot.

Tommy Armstrong is the clear starter, though.

With Reilly still limited, could that mean true freshman Stanley Morgan sees some serious playing time? Sounds like a safe bet to me.

Morgan is one guy I'm excited to see this Saturday.

Riley had a few thoughts about being under the microscope in Lincoln.

Of course, Riley is also undefeated at this point at Nebraska. All of the attention thus far has been positive (and for good reason), but it all changes once the games begin.

Well, we certainly hope so... Even if the Portland Tribune's Kerry Eggers doesn't agree...

More thoughts on BYU:

Prior to his injury, BYU's Taysom Hill was a darkhorse Heisman candidate. Is he 100%? If so, that's going to be a really tough test for Mark Banker's new defense.

Jack Gangwish dropped a couple of gems. He thankfully cleaned them up...but you know what he wanted to say.