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Corn Flakes; It's Finally Game Week!!!


Don't take this Flakes as a sign that I've returned completely as I am still catching up. Things are still a little blurry and by that I mean I am not sure what happened to me (completely anyway). You know from earlier that I suffered a massive heart attack. What happened is that I collapsed at a customer site and one of my clients responded very quickly doing CPR and obviously saved my life.

After that came the machines. There's a defibrillator in there somewhere, perhaps multiple times and another machine that pumps your heart for you while they administer drugs that do cool your body down, Then there's that stent that was used because of some need to open up the "Widow Maker" artery, and from what I understand they put this stent in by going up through your groin area.

I have bruises everywhere. No, there will be no photos.

Fact is, I'm not really sure I care about knowing about all of what happened. What I do care about:

  • Thanking the people who saved my life
  • Thanking the people who sent prayers on my behalf
  • Understanding the lifestyle changes that are sure to come (let's all guess at this one)
  • Getting back into action.

IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON. This is game week.

Something to think about - the bloody screaming that will occur if we lose to BYU and snap a 29-year opening win streak. We all know those Husker fans in our lives who are just waiting for Riley to fail, and they will gain the upper hand were we to lose this opener against BYU.

Take it from someone who's been recently dead; ignore the negative people in you life. Remember that phrase:

"Never teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig."

It applies here.

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