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Thursday's Flakes: Steve Taylor Days To Husker Football

The news you want to get you through the day.

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Good Thursday morning to you!

The thought of Jon Vedral or such was there, but the number 9 in Nebraska Football lore sticks to Steve Taylor now.

Here are your news items of the day:

Nebraska's new offense won't put brakes on quarterback runs | College Football

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Quarterback runs were supposed to be de-emphasized in Nebraska's new offense.

Sometimes it's evident how lazy an author can be, and this fall, one of the main things that has shown that is how, even though HC MR has stated he wants to add zone read and such to his wheelhouse. The whole "play to your strengths" thing, time and time.

7 coaches explain what goes into game week | College Football 2015 Season Preview

This is a well done piece in what coaches around America put into the week's preparation for their next opponent.

Former Osborne/Solich assistant George Darlington unleashes on recruiting star rankings & player development

A podcast from the Gaskins and Stephens show on Lincoln's 93.7 the Ticket

How former Ohio State Buckeyes star Maurice Clarett became a star on the speaking circuit

Once one of college football's tragic figures, Maurice Clarett is now in demand at the country's biggest programs, inspired by his own lack of identity (and also by Warren Buffett).

Mo does have a pretty interesting story, especially for young men who were the best at their HS and find themselves buried or not getting all the attention during college.

Russell Wilson: The Chosen One | Rolling Stone

Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks' field general, has been groomed since birth to be one thing: the perfect NFL quarterback

Some kinda odd stuff in there, especially the water that "cured his concussion".


Damn hipsters.

Your song of the day: