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Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Hong Kong Husker

Today's GTKtCNC travels to a place where East meets West. No, we are not at Big Ten headquarters, but visiting a Husker fan halfway across the world who sometimes has to stay up all night to cheer for his team.

Hong Kong Husker

I want to visit Hong Kong someday and now I am even more determined because I know someone to ask for advice. If I start saving my pennies, I might make it there about the time we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Riley's first national championship team. Thinking positive here. All around. Without further ado, meet Hong Kong Husker, a "Nabraskian" in a foreign land.

If you traveled forward in time and learned that the Huskers never win a Big Ten title or a national title ever again - would you still cheer for them? Why or why not?

No brainer, "we all stick together, in any a weather, for good ol' Nebraska U".  There is almost a symbiotic relationship with the school to the State (people) that you can't but help cheer for the U.  We love our Huskers.  All sports!  Not just athletics either, I think Nebraskans are proud of this school for how it prepares the State's young adults for life.  So whether there are championships or not in our future, I think folks will always support the Huskers because it is a part of the fabric of our community.  Was that pretty good?  Or did I sound too much like Dick Cavett, "There's no place like Nebraska" ad?

What is your favorite Husker-related memory?

Way too many great memories, but for me it is Cory Schlesinger up the gut in Miami.  That euphoric feeling of "Holy Sh*t!  This is happening, this is really going to happen!" still makes smile to this day.  Seeing Tom get hoisted up on the team's shoulders and hearing Tom Costas give accolades to him and the team was just the ultimate!

I was in Omaha watching the game at my high-school friend's apartment.  We were two Schuyler boys who found ourselves living in the big City.  Him selling F-150's, me going to law school (Yeah, I'm a Jaysker, you going to make something of it???).  It was a true man-cave place, if I recall, I don't think you could see the carpet with all the pizza boxes and beer bottles on the floor.  I believe, we relived that game countless times on EA Sports, as I think every Starter-jacket-wearing-Husker Fan did for the next 12 months!

Ranchbabe's note: We have already included the Schlesinger runs - so here is the Costas commentary and post-game celebration.

Among your family and friends, who is the most die-hard Husker fan? What makes you say that?

My law school friend, Deana, who has the Bobfather, bobble head shrine in her living room and offers it a shot of polish black berry brandy every Saturday in the Fall (Think, Major League, Jobo shrine, but this one wakes up blackshirts.

What is something non-Husker related about you that people here at CornNation would be surprised or interested to know?

Well my handle is Hong Kong Husker.  I have been living here in Hong Kong (China) for past 7 years with my wife (from Kearney).  You may be surprised to know that we have excellent craft beers here in HK and you can get "Nabraskian" beef at the high end supermarkets (obviously the butcher is not a native "Nabraskian")

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season? What are you most worried about?

Good, smart, play!  A return to "pin your ears back" defense and an offense which owns the 4th quarter.  Maybe, most of all, I want to see a coaching staff that is comfortable in its own skin.  I hope I never see a head coach who finds that screaming at a player from field to bench is the only way to motivate.  I, also, never want to see our lads "check out" during a game.

As for what I'm worried about?  Crappy streaming which will freeze up 2 minutes before the game is to start, so that I will be up at 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning listening to the game rather than watching it.  With the time difference, night games are the best, but it also means beer drinking at 7:00 am (one must suffer for the Big Red).


Will Armstrong's completion % improve and about where do you think it will end up (%)?

I think his completion % will improve as he will have some TE's to throw to for a change.  He'll probably end the year around 62% or so.

Will we get the monkey....errrr our backs this year and beat Wisconsin? How do you see it happening and what is the score?

Honey badger might not give a sh*t, but Bucky badger will.  Children of the Corn 35,  Whiskey 24.  Late 4th qtr touchdown and field goal in garbage time will make this game look closer than it was, as Wisconsin was never really in it after the first quarter.

What animal will Jack Gangwish kill this year?

Snipe!  And he will get a photo of it for proof!


Thank you HKH for answering the questions and sending us some dispatches from across the Pacific!