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Tuesday's Practice Report: Mike Riley Talks Nebraska Redshirts For 2015

Who will and won't play for Nebraska's Freshmen this year? Mike Riley talks that and injuries

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers practiced for just under 2 hours on Tuesday afternoon in half-pads, as the ones who are not on the 105 are still getting acclimated to play.

Head Coach Mike Riley came out to talk to the media afterwards. Here are the highlights of what he had to say.

First off, health related issues.

That would be a huge loss for the Nebraska LB's if this lingers for Banderas. Meanwhile, from the sounds of it, Foster had been running with the 1's at the Tight End spot.

The Stevenson redshirt makes perfect sense in the matter that he got to Lincoln late and had issues with a foot/ankle this past week.

As far as those who won't, I'm only surprised by the Matt Snyder one, as I thought he was in line to potentially start at TE this coming season. Dedrick Young and Aaron Williams got here for Spring ball and Devine and Stanley have been standouts so far in camp.

Well by golly, that's just not fair! You fans should make sure they can't get out of their seats and Nebraska will be good to win the game ok?