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Monday's Flakes: Turner Gill Days To Nebraska Football

Today's links and news you can use!

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I'm doing the Flakes this morning, so you know I'll be all over the place.

I thought of saying "12 days to Nebraska Football", but in the true blogger "HEY, FIND A COOL PLAYER THAT WORE THAT NUMBER AND SAY THAT" sense, here you go. Gill beat out Van Brownson for the distinction this morning.

Here you go. First off with College Football news.

- Since we are within 2 weeks of starting games, a lot of schools know who their starters will be. Texas has basically named theirs, while Boise State has already.

- I'm not sure how they do it, but Tennessee has nailed down the #1 Pro Style QB in the '17 cycle with Hunter Johnson. They already have the #2 DT QB this cycle in Jarrett Guarantano. Remember, this is a 7-6 team that somehow found themselves ranked in both the AP and Coaches polls.

- Steve Sarkasian got stupid Saturday night in L.A. during a booster function. One L.A. Times reporter already thinks Sark should be sitting out for a while.

- Baylor had the high of starting out the highest it's ever been in the AP poll Sunday. The low? Art Briles looking not very bright for how the Sam Ukwuachu story has come out.

- Jim Harbaugh has been secretive as all hell at Michigan, not allowing any media at practice save for the BTN, who he blew off even then.

That's not to say that Harbaugh's staff blew them off, as I did personally see the OC go talk to the crew. But, still... really Jim?


- Fairbury Hot Dogs will be still at Memorial Stadium. They, however, will not be made in Nebraska anymore.

Nice interview by Erin Sorensen of Hail Varsity with Imani Cross.

- South Florida Sun Sentinel published a great feature on Ndamukong Suh and his relationship with Warren Buffett.

-Randy Gregory was one of the lone bright spots for the Cowboys last night.

- Former Huskers Alex Gordon and Joba Chamberlain were in Omaha for the StormChasers last night.

- The Pride of All Nebraska had some fans Friday night.


- If you're a Wrestling type of person, here's the results and commentary from SummerSlam.

- Tiger Woods has a chance Sunday. And then the round started. However, it's better than he's been in a while.

Another bad crash for IndyCar Sunday.