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Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Wolvie

Wolvie was so excited about this interview he did it twice. The first part are his real answers and the second are....well, insight into his ongoing mission to rid the world of Lil Red. Oh, and we get to relive the Westercatch. That never gets old. Never.

Wolvie's new classes seem to be working....
Wolvie's new classes seem to be working....
Jon Johnston

Wolvie is steadfast in his belief that grinning, soul-sucking, overall-clad balloons are secretly plotting to overthrow the world.  Will he succeed in his goals to eradicate inflatable mascots named Lil Red from Husker Nation?

How did you become a Husker fan?

My dad, and it wasn't immediate.  I grew up with my parents divorced (I was 2 1/2).  My mother HATED the Huskers, and so that carried with me first.  When I was real young, I'd say "Go Big Purple" in response to dad's "Go Big Red", just to see the look on his face.  But as I grew up and watched more football (and sports in general) with dad, Husker fandom took over.
And of course, MANY years later, my mom went to a Husker game with a boyfriend and actually enjoyed it.

If you traveled forward in time and learned that the Huskers never win a Big Ten title or a national title ever again - would you still cheer for them?


Why or why not?

Because the ONLY way they will NEVER win a Big Ten title is because they've either changed conferences (so if they won another Big XII or even a MAC title, fine), OR they've stopped playing football.  And at that point, pfft.  Otherwise, they WILL win a Big Ten title at some point.  As for another Natty, it'll be disapointing if they don't.  But if they're at least winning Conference Titles, that's all you can actually control.

What is your favorite Husker-related memory?

The WesterCatch.  It happened pretty much right in front of me.  My friends and I were heading out of the stadium (because win or lose, there was really just one play left).  I got down to the front of my section in the south stadium when the play started.  I hunched down so the people in the front row could see, and OMG HE CAUGHT IT WE WON WTF JUST HAPPENEDAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ranchbabe's note: Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!.....

Do you have any "superstitions" or routines that you have to do on game day?  How or why did that particular routine/superstition evolve?

I don't particularly have one, other than I always wear red.  Which...seems pretty basic and "DUH!", but come on people.  Why are you wearing white, or black or something else?  Because they DO, they wear other colors.  And yeah, I get that white is our other color, we're the scarlet and cream.  But, it's the SEA OF RED.  Unless there's something particular going on, such as a blackout, you wear RED.  Red shirt, red hat (if you wear hats).  (yeah, I'm not opposed to an organized blackout, but otherwise it's red and red only).
My friend drinks red every gameday (usually a bloody mary).  Since I don't drink alcohol, he gets me a red Gatorade.
My "friends"...and the more I think about this the more I use that term loosely...also like to point out the GO BIG RED flag during the Pregame.  A few years ago, a few games into the season, I made the comment about "I wonder what happened to the big flag".  They looked at me like I was the biggest freakin' moron.  For whatever reason, that season, I just never paid attention or noticed the flag.  It was there, every game, I just flat out never saw it.  So, to this day, EVERY FREAKING PREGAME, I'll get nudged.  "Hey, look, the flag is back!"  ::sigh::  Bastards

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season?

My new seats, and going to Miami for the game against the Hurricanes (and seeing a game with my sister, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale)

What are you most worried about?

Not so much worried per se, but one of my friends that I would go to the games with, moved to New Mexico after the new seats were ordered.  So now I have an extra seat.  Settle down, Corn Nation, it'll likely be used by my girlfriend's brother.  It just sucks that my friend won't be here to enjoy the season.


Part 2: "Wolvie the Lil' Red Hater" Answers

How did you become a Husker fan?

I was born in the great state of Nebraska and baptized into it's not-official-because-the-Constitution-says-we-can't-but-we-all-know-it's-true religion at a young age.

If you traveled forward in time and learned that the Huskers never win a Big Ten title or a national title ever again - would you still cheer for them? Why or why not?

Of course, because since I have the power of time travel, I would find out what bastard screwed us over and take care of it.  It was probably some Indiana a-hole, just to keep their winning record against us intact.  Or Lil' Red.  Actually, forget Indiana, it was the Demonspawn.  If we NEVER win another title, it's that inflatable succubus' doing.

What is your most prized piece of Husker gear or memorabilia? (photo if possible)

I...I can't.  CN and SBNation doesn't allow for those kinda pictures.  All I'm gonna say is Go BIG Red...

Among your family and friends, who is the most die-hard Husker fan?

Me, of course!

What makes you say that?

Because they won't read this.

What is something non-Husker related about you that people here at CornNation would be surprised or interested to know?

I've started training in exorcisms and Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations.  It's not Husker related at all.  Nope.

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season?

Not losing 4 games

What are you most worried about?

Losing more than 4 games.  And Lil' Red.  And Salt performing more lab experiments that create more demonspawn.
Thanks Wolvie for doing the interview twice! If anyone would like to be part of the GTKtCNC series, send me an email at and I will get the questions to you. We have even had a few people who do not have a CN accounts (readers only - not commenters) send in their response. If you haven't already sent me a message - do it soon!