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Nebraska Awards 4 Scholarships During Saturday's Scrimmage

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers once again worked out in Memorial Stadium for their Saturday scrimmage, just two weeks before their game versus the BYU Cougars.

However, the big story of the day were 4 players that were awarded scholarships... and one that was taken away?

Very interesting story with Burtch losing his ride being an in-state Senior. Granted, he was injured all of last year and has not been on the field much this year. However, there has to be a decent reason for this no?

As far as Punt Returns...

We were told that this was Jordan Westerkamp who was the next man up. However, maybe Turner can give everyone one full year of all the magic we thought he'd have.

How did the Offense do?

Now, who the hell would have thunk that?

Adam Taylor with the 1's is a very encouraging sign for everyone. That will give the RB's the much-needed depth later in the year when there are no bye weeks until November.

What did HC Mike Riley have to say?

"The main goal was getting to scrimmage and make plays, the main goal. The other one is competition and the other is doing it in the stadium and inviting students, It was really hard because we have so many pieces that will not be gone for long but they are not there now. So it is very disruptive moving guys around."

"I thought they functioned pretty well, I thought Tommy did a nice job, again there was some stuff that was not real pretty but boy did he throw a couple nice touchdown passes—great reads. There was some nice things that were good to see."

The Huskers take Sunday off, and will practice again Monday. There will be media availability after that practice, but maybe not the reward for the end of the scrimmage today.