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Wednesday's Practice Report: How Will Nebraska Replace Demornay Pierson-El?

The Huskers get some good news and a fantastic performance Thursday.

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers worked out for less than 2 hours on Thursday afternoon, and Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker was joined by Head Coach Mike Riley for post practice questions.

The first thing on everyone's mind is who would replace All-American Punt Returner De'mornay Pierson-El. Special Teams coach Bruce Read gave us the answer.

Meanwhile, Mike Riley talked about the timetable and injury for DPE.

What did DC Mark Banker have to say today?

Well, that would be ideal for sure.

The daily Tommy Armstrong Jr. report is as follows:

Those deep completions got Mark Banker's attention.

What is the timetable for getting those injured WR's back on the field? Soon, Mike Riley says.

If the reports about Armstrong is to be believed, there has to be something said about getting on the same page with folks. That being said, getting a majority of the WR crew back a full 2 weeks before gametime would help that tremendously.

The next media availability for Nebraska will be after Saturday's practice.