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Corn Flakes: Happy Birthday CornNation!

David McGee

Today we celebrate nine years of CornNation, as August 20th, 2006 was the first-ever article on this site! It consisted of a very short rundown of Nebraska's upcoming football schedule, also known as "trying to understand the online editor" or "what the hell am I doing here?". The rest of the year was really me trying to figure out what I was doing; the early game threads were so lonely.

I can honestly say that I never foresaw what we've become, which is one of the biggest University of Nebraska sports sites on the internet.

It's been a nice run, and now we're on our third Nebraska coach in that time frame.

We know where Nebraska football was in 2006. We won the Big 12 North. We lost the Big 12 Championship to Oklahoma 21-7, then lost to Auburn in the Cotton Bowl 17-14. Still, we were hopeful.

In 2007 things looked good for a bit with wins against Nevada and Wake Forest, but then USC came to Lincoln and destroyed the Huskers 49-31. Then came horror, destruction, and the end of Bill Callahan and (still the most hated man in the state) athletic director Steve Pederson.

Bo Pelini came as our savior, and things looked good for a while, but we know how that turned out. There were some good times (being robbed of a Big 12 championship by one second, Mizzou 2010, beating Georgia when we weren't supposed to), but that's how abusive relationships go; ups and downs and when you're done finally you look back and go "why the hell did I put up with this for so long?".

(The second audio tape release..... Bo Pelini didn't just burn that bridge with me. He blew it up, completely, utterly, and in the past few months I've heard the same so many people saying the same that it's sad.)

How Pelini ended his era at Nebraska is the kind of thing that wears on me. It tears us apart as a fan base (although not as much as the last year of that other guy). It eats at the core of why I started CornNation in the first place. I started because I wanted to write, but I wanted to have a site that was different than the rest; a site where humor is a central part of the theme. Husker football is supposed to be something we all love and the ability to laugh at ourselves and others should be considered an integral part of following the team, shouldn't it?

At the end of every season in the past five years, I've have the same conversation with Mrs CN.

"Why am I doing this? I should quit and move on to something else. It's wearing me out.

"Are you still going to watch college football every Saturday from morning until night?"


"Then why quit?"

Before you give her an award, realize that she does this out of self preservation. Were I to not have this site to relieve the ranting, she would bear the brunt of it (or she'd run off... which... come to think of it I'm not sure why she hasn't done that anyway).

And so each year I return to rant some more.

We have assembled a great group of people; not just good writers but a good community as well. It's fun (well, I hope it's a fun place to be).

The staff thought I should list some accomplishments, but I'm not sure I think that way. The fact that we're still here and you're still here and that we continue to grow are enough for me.

The season isn't too far away. Hopes are high (aren't they?) heading into yet another new coaching regime. YAY!

Chris Spielman, Sean McDonough and Todd McShay will be your opener's announcers:

Sipple: Huskers' margin for error got slimmer : Latest Husker News
So, you've heard the news about De'Mornay Pierson-El's foot injury. Yes, it's a body blow for Nebraska's football team no matter how you slice it.

Riley knows 9 wins, bad losses not good enough at Nebraska | The Charlotte Observer
The Cornhuskers have become known more for wilting in the biggest games. They've lost six of their last seven against Top 25 opponents, lost two straight to an unranked Minnesota team and allowed 129 points in their last two against Wisconsin.

Red Review: Quantifying the (temporary) loss of Nebraska's most explosive player | Huskers - KETV Home
In the wake of Wednesday's announcement that the team will be without De'Mornay Pierson-El, its most explosive player by leaps and bounds, it'd be easy for the Nebraska Huskers' fandom to go into hibernation.

College Football Preview 2015: Expert Betting Analysis, Predictions and Picks on Every Team from Paul Bessire @

The Predictalator has already played the 2015 college football regular and postseasons 50,000 times before the games are actually played.

If this is true, prepare for a high level of alcohol intake this season. They pick Nebraska behind Iowa in the Big Ten, and everyone but Michigan and Ohio State suck. Purdue is last in conference, and Wisconsin wins the Big Ten West (of course).

Penn State Athletics to Provide Free Audio Streaming for Football, Wrestling, Hockey, Men's and Women's Basketball - Black Shoe Diaries

GoPSUnow will carry audio for five major sports and video for other select events.

Uh.... Nebraska?

Roundtable: Which has a brighter future, Northwestern football or basketball? - Inside NU
After Chris Collins' success on the recruiting trail, this question is more difficult to answer than it has been recently.

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Connor Cook and Shilique Calhoun are back in East Lansing. Can Michigan State continue its astronomical rise with the duo starring?

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Few members of the media seem to believe that the Gophers are for real. And you know what? Let 'em.

BTN's Twitter Observations from Michigan's Practice - Maize n Brew

Big Ten Network had access to Michigan's football practice on Wednesday. Their analysts took to Twitter to share their thoughts and observations about the Wolverines.

Kyle Schwarber's historic numbers should give him a shot at NL Rookie of the Year award - The Crimson Quarry

Indiana fans knew that Kyle Schwarber hit plenty of dingers, but not even Hoosiers could have expected the catcher-turned-left fielder to swing this hot of a bat to start his MLB career

Schwarber was a beast at Indiana. Fun to watch. Swagger. Glad to see he's doing well in the majors.

Maryland men's soccer ranked No. 1 in Big Ten preseason coaches' poll - Testudo Times

Corboz, Endoh, Odoi-Atsem named players to watch.

Well, Maryland has that going for them.

Rutgers Football: ESPN's FPI Ranks RU last in the Big Ten - On the Banks

ESPN has unveiled their Football Power Index rankings for the upcoming season and it will be updated daily. Here is the criteria that determines the FPI per ESPN: The Football Power Index (FPI).

Someone has to finish last. But behind Illinois?

A Drinker's Guide to the 2015-16 Purdue football season - The Thundering Herd - Hammer and Rails

A week to week run down of how to survive a rocky season with things on the rocks.


Big Ten football preview: Who can challenge Ohio State? - College Football -

2015 Big Ten football preview: Will Ohio State or Michigan State be pushed in the conference title race?

Pretty much the same blah blah as everywhere else. Ohio State, Harbaugh, Wisconsin wins West. And more Harbaugh.

A love for Hummers and Huskers | News |

Bright Husker red highlighted with chrome, Lonnie Goble’s tricked out Hummers serves as an icon of his love for Nebraska football.

That is not the headline I would have chosen.

All 128 FBS college football teams ranked for 2015, from Ohio State to Charlotte -

Bill Connelly has written thousands of words and studied lots of data about your team. Here's how he thinks you stack up.

Nebraska is probably about where we should be. It's nice to see an outsider rank the teams (no, it isn't) and give an objective perspective on your team (Bill C hates Nebraska and we all know it).

Who has an idea of what we're gonna do this year anyway?


Analyst: Michigan's Jim Harbaugh the best coach in college football

Fox Sports' Joel Klatt says Harbaugh offers the experience of NFL success, unlike Meyer, Saban and other college coaches

And then everyone died of a hyperbole overdose.