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Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Andy Davis

Our own operative from the Sooner State understands the subtle differences between shades of red. Also, guess one state Andy has not visited?

Andy Davis

I had to tear myself away from watching endless loops of Suh's ragdoll throw of Colt McCoy in order to get this article done. Good choice Andy! Read on to find out his game day routine and predictions for 2015 (To one of his predictions I say BOOOOO!) Thanks for answering all my questions Andy - I really enjoyed reading them and I hope everyone else does too!

How did you become a Husker fan?

Basically, I never had a choice.  My mom and grandpa are both serious Nebraska fans, so despite being born and raised in Oklahoma, I learned from an early age that Nebraska was the only team worth cheering for.  Also, there was no crimson in our house.  Scarlet yes, crimson no.

If you traveled forward in time and learned that the Huskers never win a Big Ten title or a national title ever again - would you still cheer for them?

Absolutely.  Someone who only stands by their team if they're elite is that abhorrent affront to sports, that malicious monstrosity: the fair-weather fan.  Seriously though, just as the process of team building and competition benefits players even if they don't walk away with a title, the "process" of being a fan is just as good as winning.  Identifying myself as a Nebraska fan means associating with the values the program represents: integrity, intensity, hard work, and sportsmanship.  That's just as important as Nebraska winning another championship.  Well...almost.

What is your favorite Husker-related memory?

I was a late bloomer as a fan.  Born in 1986, I have faint memories of of 94-97, and I remember 2001, but I "came of age" as a fan during the dark years.  So to me, the high point of Nebraska football was the 2009 Big 12 Championship game and the ensuing bowl game.  Watching the Blackshirts thrash Texas but our offense struggle to get out of their own way was both exciting and infuriating.  That was the game during which my wife realized she had married someone who screams at the TV.  Even though we didn't win, we nearly beat (put a second back on the clock, my ass) a team that played for the national championship.  Then of course, we followed it up by destroying a very good Arizona.  To me, those two games showed that we were ready to play with anyone and "Nebraska's back, and we're here to stay."  Together, those games are my strongest Nebraska memories.

Ranchbabe's note: Guess who they are talking about? ..."They double-team him, they triple-team him, but he still found a way to get to Colt McCoy time after time after time..."

Ranchbabe's note: The Burkhead wildcat touchdown in the 2009 Holiday Bowl...sweet!

What is your most prized piece of Husker gear or memorabilia?

I don't have much, just a few T-shirts and a hat.  The picture at the top is what they look like on me and my dog. Her quizzical expression is because I just told her to fetch me a beer, and she doesn't want to.

Do you have any "superstitions" or routines that you have to do on game day?

The only constant while I'm watching a game is alcohol.  I tend to take on/off pieces of Nebraska apparel to find the right combination that makes the team not stupid.

Among your family and friends, who is the most die-hard Husker fan?

While each generation tends to yell at the TV more, my mom is quite a bit more shrill than I am.  I'm probably the most active fan in my family as far as following recruiting, off season news, that kind of thing.

What is something non-Husker related about you that people here at CornNation would be surprised or interested to know?

I have never actually been in the state of Nebraska.  One of my goals is take take me, my brother, my mom, and my grandpa to a game.

Your Predictions for the 2015 Season

Will we get the monkey....errrr our backs this year and beat Wisconsin? How do you see it happening and what is the score?

No, not this year.  While Wisconsin has a few questions on their offensive line and of course are replacing Gordon, they've been able to reload in past years without any trouble.  Both teams will have new head coaches, but Chryst will essentially keep the offensive system the same, and he was smart enough to keep Aranda who will produce another excellent defense.  On the other hand, we have an entirely new staff, with major depth questions at defensive end and linebacker.  I expect good things from this staff, but we have more of a transition to make than Wisconsin does.

Which freshman (true or redshirt) has the biggest impact on the Blackshirts?

Given that the best chance for a freshman to spend time on the field is at DE and LB, I'll go with (You'll never take our) Freedom (!!!) Akinmoladun.  He could be the pass rusher that neither McMullen or Gangwish are, and those might be the only two ahead of him on the depth chart.

What animal will Jack Gangwish kill this year?

A Gopher.  On October 17th.


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