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Flakes: No One Wants to Play In the Nebraska vs. BYU Game

If you come to the Nebraska vs BYU season opener on September 5, watch out. You might end up on the field.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

It is no secret that many key players for Nebraska and BYU (especially BYU) will be, ummm, unavailable for the opening game on September 5. Nebraska is going to have 5 players suspended for the game, including one defensive starter.

BYU has been hit much, much harder.

Previous Flakes have reported on a young linebacker who fractured his neck in practice, had to undergo emergency surgery, and will miss the season. Fortunately, it sounds like the surgery went well and he is going to recover fully. He had been married for all of ONE WEEK when this happened.

Also of note is another linebacker who was charged with theft and is going to be suspended one game (against NU) and how a scrimmage provided more suspension clues

And then, today, more bad news for BYU...

BYU tight end Steven Richards out for year with knee injury
BYU player Richards is out for the season after going down with a knee injury Monday. He was anticipated to be the starting tight end.

While I suppose a person could see all of this as a positive for Nebraska, I do not. This season opener against BYU is one of the more anticipated in a long time. Not only because of the new coaching staff and warm, fuzzy feelings here in the "Nice" state, but because Nebraska scheduled an honest-to-goodness, tough opponent for the opener.

A win against a full-strength BYU, or at least against a BYU with an equivalent number of suspensions or injuries (remember, our wideout corps appears to be the walking wounded and is severely hampering the offensive install right now) would be satisfying.

As the injuries and suspensions pile up for the Cougars, it is beginning to feel more like a no-win situation. The Huskers need to beat a short-handed BYU. If Nebraska loses, or if they even look bad, the Riley era is off to a bad start. And I do not want to live in that reality.

On the bright side, my Jackrabbits are ranked #15 in the FCS coaches poll. They are sandwiched right in between Turner Gill's Liberty Flames (#14) and Bo Pelini's Youngstown State Penguins (#16). I can always watch FCS fireworks if this whole B1G thing goes to hell.....right?

On to Flakes...

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